Wedding Dress Debates & Other Goodies

Today was a very easy going day. Didn't really do much but over obsess about wedding planning and such. I'm a whole year out so is it too soon to have found a dress?!?! I found one that I love so much and the price is oh so right buuuut... Is it too soon?

Well, amidst my wedding dress debates I decided to dabble in a palette I had picked up from Sephora but had not used yet. It's the TEN Limited Edition Collector's Palette by tarte cosmetics. I love the shades because they are very natural colors both good for day and night. So far I have only done a natural eye but I'm dying to get into the plums and greens that are also included. The shadows are well pigmented, pack on easily and don't shed too much during application. And the packaging is definitely top notch! This isn't no flimsy eyeshadow palette that you would imagine for a measly $44! When you take into consideration the high end packaging, the 10 eyeshadows, mascara, and liner that are ALL included... Yes this was a fabulous deal and that's why I bought it!

And since I'm home during the day with my munchkin, I figured I would take a quick shot with my lovely :-)

Last but surely not least, I fell in love all over again with my Essie chinchilla nail polish! Lol. Seriously, isn't the color the perfect shade of gray?!?! Not to mention how nice it looks with my engagement ring ;-)

I hope everyone's day was as "exciting" as my own! I will definitely keep you guys in the loop with what I decide on with my wedding dress! Toodles!

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  1. This look is so Beautiful and so does your lil mami ^_^, I love that Palette is so lovely!!! I love eyeshadows girl,

  2. Thanks April! I am so in love with this palette... mainly because I do a lot of neutral eyes.


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