About the Shoppe

MyCandiShoppe was created for me to journal and share my own fun experiences.  Whether it be about Hair, Beauty, or Family Related... This is my 'Shoppe' to discuss it all.  As time has passed, I've engaged with many women just like myself who could relate with the various facets of my life.  It was at that point when I realized my Blog had a bigger purpose to serve than just the personal one it was created for.  Now I share this space with my fellow Shoppe Girls as a place to bring them information about the latest Hair, Fashion and Beauty Trends but also still provide insight on being a Mom and Wife.

As I anticipate the growth of MyCandiShoppe as a Brand/Blog, I hope to not only bring better content but also connect with even more women.  This is a digital space for women to replace the Hair Salon (Shop) experience that is rare these days.  Whether it be from Women too busy to sit in a salon for hours or Naturals who have become their own Kitchen Beauticians, the need for Shoppe Talk is still necessary.  That need is met when women visit this Blog.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you are here to stay.  If you have any questions about the Blog, email info@mycandishoppe.com.