Get the Tea || Sip and Subscribe

While my largest following may be on Social Media channels, my best content actually comes from right here, my Blog!  In my attempt to connect my Social Media Community with my blog, I am hosting a Sip & Subscribe Giveaway.  Here's how it works:

1. Enter your email address and Subscribe to my Blog (this can be found under "Shoppe Emails")
2. You will be entered to win your choice of the two Mugs shown below
3. Contest ends and winner will be chosen on June 12, 2015


Now when you come here to get the latest "tea" on what the latest products on the market are or what's happening in MyCandiShoppe, you'll have a fabulous mug to sip out of while you read.  And, don't worry your inbox won't be inundated with tons of Shoppe emails.  I crank out 2 Blog Posts per week on average so you will receive those directly to your inbox now.  It's a great way to catch up while you're heading into work, on your lunch break or whenever you have some free time.  Good luck to everyone and I look forward to having more of you join me here.  Tell all your friends... IT'S A PARTY!! LOL 


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