Let's Catch Up...

It only took me 2 whole months to post my first blog post for 2019... NBD.  Girl, I wish I could say I feel a way but I honestly don't.  I took the time I needed to be away and didn't let what everyone else was doing rush my process.  January + February tend to be slower months for business anyways so I wasn't pressed.  If I missed out on it, then it wasn't for me... that's how I looked at it.  But I'm back and it feels good to be running my own race at my own… Read more

Shoppe the Gift Guide

I know I'm a few days late but please believe, I'm not one dollar short when it comes to this 2018 Gift Guide.  Still sniffling + highly medicated right now, I knew this Gift Guide was a MUST have for you all.  I did things a little different this year + shared only products that I have obsessed over in 2018.  Which means that these are all products I already have, love and think you need as well.  None of these items are super expensive so add them to your wishlist ASAP becau… Read more

Marriage Mondays:
Our Hardest Year

We are going on 7 years of marriage and while we have been through some shit, our first year of marriage still remains our hardest year of marriage.  For a while, I've always shared this was my hardest year but it dawned on me this past weekend as I wrote this Blog post that I've never asked my husband what was  his hardest year.  To my surprise, he actually said that our first year was the hardest!  For some reason, I didn't expect him to say that because like I said... w… Read more

Life Update|| Part 1

Well Happy New Year!  Dramatic as I may be, that's certainly how I feel the speed of this year is going.  So much has been going on personally that I have definitely neglected my Blog.  Instead of just coming back with a Fall Skincare post as if I haven't left you hanging for months, I figured we could catch up. As most of you know, I accepted a job opportunity back in July at a hotel.  I was so hopeful + really thought "this was the one".  GIRL, this couldn't ha… Read more

Our Gallery Wall with MixTiles

I am constantly looking on Pinterest for easy ways to spruce up my home, either easily or on the low low.  Gallery Walls always stood out to me because it seemed like the perfect way to add character without doing too much.  THE PROBLEM:  I am not a Gallery Wall person.  What's a Gallery Wall person, you ask?  Someone who loves to measure precisely, scour stores for the perfect frames and spend hours going through pictures to order.  Thats not me!!  So when I found MixTiles while… Read more

Sephora Sale:
In Case You Needed Help Spending More Money...

Sephora Sale is back and I always laugh as I create these posts because essentially, I'm helping you spend even more money than you were going to spend already.  I appreciate you allowing me into your wallet this way + clearly we are closer than close at this point.  I've gone back and forth with whether I should share suggestions OR share what products I have in my own cart.  I decided to just do both PLUS include links to previous Sephora Sale posts I've done.  You will … Read more

Summer Favorites
#sundayskincare edition

I love 'Favorites round up Blog Posts' but the one thing I don't love about them is how LONG they usually are.  So, I will try to keep this one as short as I can while giving you the important deets! 1. FRESH Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence At first I couldn't really determine if this product was really making a difference in my skin.  It just felt like a step in my skincare routine that I could do without.  But then I started noticing the texture of my ski… Read more