Fresh Groceries for All
Amazon Fresh

If  there's one thing I appreciated over the past year, it's been the ability to order my groceries  online  + have them delivered  to my house .  I was already placing orders weekly before the pandemic, but once things shut down, I truly appreciated being able to safely stay home + order groceries.   So  when I heard that families in the DC Metro area who are SNAP recipients  are able to use their  SNAP  EBT cards to shop for groceries  on Amazon , I was so happy.   Healthy food access is s… Read more

The Frames You Didn't Know You Needed
Amazon Echo Frames

Hey, so I know that I've kept you all waiting on my review for these Echo Frames but let me tell you... it was worth the wait.  Being that I have so many Alexa enabled devices around my house, I thought it wouldn't be a huge "add-on" for me to have the technology in my glasses but man I was wrong.  Especially, right now in the pandemic, it's been nice to get things done hands free while I'm out.  We all know the routine of touching things while we're out … Read more

Sephora Sale:
My Recommendations + My Cart

Like clockwork (it seems), here we are at another Sephora Sale.  While I know I have lots of Sephora Sale blog posts, I like to update with new recommendations + what's in my own cart.  I've been doing lots of skincare shopping more than anything but have purchased a make-up item or two.  But when you have to wear a mask, there's only but so much makeup it makes sense to put on.  So, my focus has been getting my skin as clear as possible.  As most of you know, I deal with … Read more

Treat Yo' Self Gift Guide

I decided to focus this Gift Guide on ways women can treat themselves.  Instead of including items that women would love for use around their home, which is really code for: Gifts for the Family.. all of the gift ideas in this year's gift guide are recommendations of products to pour back into yourself.  We spent the greater portion of last year, literally giving our everything to everyone else.  Whether that was our jobs, our families, our spouses... this year has no doubt shown … Read more

I Purchased + Tried the MIRROR Home Gym + This is What Happened...

How's the MIRROR going for you, Candice?  Glad you asked!  This was actually my Mother's Day gift from the family but with shipping delays + an increase in orders, it took about a month to receive it.  Touch-free delivery was great as the men wore masks + placed the box inside of our home for us to unbox.  Unfortunately set up by the company was not possible at the time due to safety precautions.  Honestly, set up was easy except the fact that this thing is HEAVY!  Looking at … Read more

"Alexa... Shelter in Place"

*post contains affiliate links* Who could have ever imagined that I would be safe at home with my family for 4 months straight?!  Well that's exactly what the last (4) months have entailed + the adjustment definitely took some time.  To go from working our corporate jobs in our designated offices + the kids attending their schools full time to now EVERYONE IS AT HOME was an overnight shock.  Immediately we had to figure out ways to make our "new normal" work for all of u… Read more

Schools Are Closed
Why Your Child May Not be as Happy as You Thought They Would be...

When schools first closed, there was a wave of excitement from my kids.  It was almost as if Spring Break came early and would last a little longer.  Then another week or two of school was cancelled.  Which was followed by our county distributing laptops and wifi hotspot devices for the students.  All of which still seemed really "cool".  Kennedy was up at the crack of dawn on FaceTime with her friends, my son playing video games with his friends and my oldest seemingly unb… Read more