I Wanted Another Baby, My Husband Did Not...

With it being 9 years since having my last child, Idk what was causing me to have the crazy baby fever but it kept happening.  It was consistent as it would happen at the weirdest times... a month here or a day there.  My mind would convince me that having another child would give me the opportunity to do it "right".  But, why didn't I feel like I had done it right before with my other (3) children?  That was the bigger discussion I needed to have with myself. I'll … Read more

My Top 3 Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts She'll Love...

If you're anything like me, then you've probably asked your Mom numerous times what she wants for  Mother's Day, added it to your cart + it has sat there since.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  Now here we are just days away from Mother's Day + not a gift in sight.  No worries, I have gathered a short list of items that can still be purchased and given on time.  Some are very familiar because I've mentioned them gazillion times before but that's only because I… Read more

The Bedroom Reset

After two years of living in this home I looked around proud of every area except the one room with the door always closed.  Funny how it's called the "Master" Bedroom, yet there was nothing dominant about it.  For over two years, it's been a room with a Bed, Dresser and TV.  We didn't even purchase a new Bedding Set when we moved in.  Nope, just washed our old one we've had for years + kept it moving.  No wonder, we spent VERY little time there.  Don't … Read more

The Blog Grew Up Guys...

There was no going away party or any warning but MyCandiShoppe has served her time.  So many years, I've actually wanted to change my name but just couldn't think of a new name that felt right.  Instead of forcing it, I kept MyCandiShoppe because homegirl had held me down so why not?  I knew that one day I would wake up and the right name would just come to me.  Kid you not, that's exactly what happened. I had been going back and forth in emails with a brand + I woke up t… Read more

Avengers: End Game
It's Not Just for the Super Fans

When I received the invite to go screen Avengers: End Game, the first thing I thought was that I would need to take Steven with me because I know nothing about the story line.  And, I did just that.  Would ya'll believe that man actually took a whole day off from work to attend the press preview with me?!  Talking about... "finally something I benefit from in all of this blogging..."!  But I digress... walking into the movie, I really thought I would be asleep by hour 2… Read more

Let's Catch Up...

It only took me 2 whole months to post my first blog post for 2019... NBD.  Girl, I wish I could say I feel a way but I honestly don't.  I took the time I needed to be away and didn't let what everyone else was doing rush my process.  January + February tend to be slower months for business anyways so I wasn't pressed.  If I missed out on it, then it wasn't for me... that's how I looked at it.  But I'm back and it feels good to be running my own race at my own… Read more

Shoppe the Gift Guide

I know I'm a few days late but please believe, I'm not one dollar short when it comes to this 2018 Gift Guide.  Still sniffling + highly medicated right now, I knew this Gift Guide was a MUST have for you all.  I did things a little different this year + shared only products that I have obsessed over in 2018.  Which means that these are all products I already have, love and think you need as well.  None of these items are super expensive so add them to your wishlist ASAP becau… Read more