A Stress- Free Thanksgiving

Up until last week, our plans were to spend Thanksgiving with our extended family.  Things quickly changed on us + we'll actually be staying home for the Holiday.  Which means, I've gone from having to hardly do anything to doing EVERYTHING.  As the panic began to creep in, I took some CBD and decided to make a plan so that I wouldn't be super stressed out the week of Thanksgiving.  Figured I would share the steps I'm taking to make Thanksgiving less stressful + stay w… Read more

Back to School:
with Amazon Fresh

This post is sponsored by Amazon, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. The 2021-2022 school year is underway and if you're anything like me, you're still trying to pull it all together.  After over a year of virtual learning, this Momma definitely felt a little rusty at certain things.  One of which was making lunch for school.  How many snacks should I add?  Can they get juice or milk at school?  So many questions.  One thing that made it easy was shopping in one pla… Read more

Sweet + Spicy Salmon + Salad

I don't know about you but I love having light + fresh meals during the Summer!  Throw together an easy protein like Salmon with some fresh veggies and its a match made in heaven.  I was able to have the groceries I needed delivered from Amazon Fresh in less than two hours.  I'm still so happy to know that families in the DC Metro Area in the SNAP program can use their EBT cards to make the same healthy + fresh options.  This is something I won't stop talking about for a w… Read more

Fresh Groceries for All
Amazon Fresh

If  there's one thing I appreciated over the past year, it's been the ability to order my groceries  online  + have them delivered  to my house .  I was already placing orders weekly before the pandemic, but once things shut down, I truly appreciated being able to safely stay home + order groceries.   So  when I heard that families in the DC Metro area who are SNAP recipients  are able to use their  SNAP  EBT cards to shop for groceries  on Amazon , I was so happy.   Healthy food access is s… Read more

The Frames You Didn't Know You Needed
Amazon Echo Frames

Hey, so I know that I've kept you all waiting on my review for these Echo Frames but let me tell you... it was worth the wait.  Being that I have so many Alexa enabled devices around my house, I thought it wouldn't be a huge "add-on" for me to have the technology in my glasses but man I was wrong.  Especially, right now in the pandemic, it's been nice to get things done hands free while I'm out.  We all know the routine of touching things while we're out … Read more

Sephora Sale:
My Recommendations + My Cart

Like clockwork (it seems), here we are at another Sephora Sale.  While I know I have lots of Sephora Sale blog posts, I like to update with new recommendations + what's in my own cart.  I've been doing lots of skincare shopping more than anything but have purchased a make-up item or two.  But when you have to wear a mask, there's only but so much makeup it makes sense to put on.  So, my focus has been getting my skin as clear as possible.  As most of you know, I deal with … Read more

Treat Yo' Self Gift Guide

I decided to focus this Gift Guide on ways women can treat themselves.  Instead of including items that women would love for use around their home, which is really code for: Gifts for the Family.. all of the gift ideas in this year's gift guide are recommendations of products to pour back into yourself.  We spent the greater portion of last year, literally giving our everything to everyone else.  Whether that was our jobs, our families, our spouses... this year has no doubt shown … Read more