Fresh Groceries for All
Amazon Fresh

If there's one thing I appreciated over the past year, it's been the ability to order my groceries online + have them delivered to my house.  I was already placing orders weekly before the pandemic, but once things shut down, I truly appreciated being able to safely stay home + order groceries.  So when I heard that families in the DC Metro area who are SNAP recipients are able to use their SNAP EBT cards to shop for groceries on Amazon, I was so happy.  Healthy food access is something that should not only be available to certain people but to EVERYONE.


Years ago, after the divorce of my first husband, I found myself in a place financially where I needed assistance.  For a brief time, until I got on my feet, I received food assistance for myself and my children via the SNAP program.  Looking back, I have no idea how I would have made it through that time in my life without it.  A single Mom with two small children + no family for hundreds of miles.  Back then, there weren't grocery delivery services like there are now, but I can only imagine how convenient that would have been to use my EBT card to order groceries on Amazon.  Not only does Amazon offer this with free delivery on qualifying orders, but SNAP recipients have access to Amazon Fresh for fresh meat, produce and dairy with NO membership required.  This is the exact reason why I was so happy to be able to share this offering to my audience.  Throughout the pandemic, so many families fell on hard times + its nice to be a voice that can provide information to help!  There were countless strangers who did so for me when I needed it, so it's fulfilling to be able to pay it forward now.


Whether it's yourself, or someone you know... I really hope this offering from Amazon can help extend their services to anyone who needs it.  Don't keep this information to yourself!  SHARE it with everyone you know because you never know who could really use a service like this.


Until next time.