Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker Review

Recently, Camille Rose Naturals reached out to see if I would be interested in trying and reviewing their new Curl Maker formula.  Although, I had not tried the Curl Maker yet, I actually had a brand new bottle in my cabinet from a recent purchase!  The gorgeous BeautybyLee from Instagram had convinced me that I needed it for my wash and gos.  So, it was definitely already on my radar to test out.  The timing couldn't be more perfect!



This product has a very thin gel consistency.  It reminded me a lot of the Kinky Curly Curling Custard actually.  The scent isn't too heavy and has a sweet marshmallow smell like other Camille Rose Naturals products.


For the application of this product, I decided to use the Curl Love Moisture Milk as the leave-in (or base).  I find that when trying a new product, it's always great if you can use other products within the same line.  Usually, brands create products that work well together so you don't have to take any chances wondering if this new product will play well with others.  Using the Curl Love Moisture Milk as the base proved to be the right idea.  As I applied the Curl Maker in small sections, raking and smoothing through my hair from root tip, it glided through effortlessly.  The important thing is to make sure you coat each curl very well with this product to avoid frizz and achieve max definition.  Unfortunately, I used too much in certain sections due to a faulty pump on my bottle.  But, unlike other products, using too much didn't give me any negative results!  In fact, it allowed my wash and go to last even longer I believe which was a win win in my book.  Once my curls were fully coated in the Curl Maker, I let my hair set by air drying and minimal touching... I couldn't help but touch my hair while waiting for it to dry.  The curls were so shiny, defined and somehow had much less shrinkage than most other curl enhancing products I have used.


The curls I achieved with this product were like no other.  They were perfectly defined ringlets with almost no frizz and minimal shrinkage.  It didn't take my hair any longer to air dry than usual which is approximately 6-8 hours depending on the weather.  With this being a gel I'm sure many are wondering if it left my hair crunchy.  The answer is NO.  There was a "cast" left behind which wore off a little bit each day.  My hair was flexible and soft to the touch but you could feel that the curls were "set".  In my opinion, the Curl Maker is fantastic product to achieve days of great hair without really having to do much to refresh the style at all.

The absolute ONLY downside I experienced was the defective pump.  Getting the product out of the bottle without the pump wasn't as easy as I thought it would be and actually frustrated me a bit.  After seeing the results though, the struggle was worth it 110%!!

Staple Status: (Scale 1-5)

5. This product has definitely made Staple Status in my regimen.  I look forward to experimenting with using this product with other favorite products that my hair loves to see what results I can achieve.

It's always great trying a new product that gives you amazing results.  In this case, I found a product that I have fallen head over heels in love with.  Let me know if you've tried the Curl Maker from Camille Rose Naturals in the comments below!  XOXO


  1. Hi, do you think the Curl Maker works better than Kinky Curly Curling Custard? (defining, hold, etc).

  2. How does it smell? I've been wanting to try it but the price point... I've tried the conditioner and love it. So it's on my wish list.


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