Treat Yo' Self Gift Guide

I decided to focus this Gift Guide on ways women can treat themselves.  Instead of including items that women would love for use around their home, which is really code for: Gifts for the Family.. all of the gift ideas in this year's gift guide are recommendations of products to pour back into yourself.  We spent the greater portion of last year, literally giving our everything to everyone else.  Whether that was our jobs, our families, our spouses... this year has no doubt shown us our strengths.  But we can't be strong ALL the time + its okay for us to experience the "receiving"!  One thing about the Holidays is that we receive all of the Wish Lists... from the kids, from the nieces + nephews, from the husbands.  And, when it comes to what we want, we usually don't know because we haven't even thought about ourselves.  Well the Holidays are behind us + now it's more than okay to take a moment for ourselves.  I've created a gift guide of items to truly Treat Yo' Self... you DESERVE.  So, let's get started...

1.  Nespresso Machine with Frother

I get asked about my Nespresso Machine often + I always give the same response.  It's 100% worth it + the coffee/espresso is amazing... but it goes on sale often so just wait for a good sale.  Well, that time is NOW because the deal on this bundle is almost $100 off right now.

2. Korres Skincare

When it comes to skincare not sold in a drugstore, I am extremely picky.  If I'm going to spend good money on it then it must have amazing results.  Korres is just that for me as I do consider it a luxury product in terms of price point + results.  I just discovered the brand this year (which pisses me off but I digress) + already have a few faves.  The Black Pine Eye Serum, Golden Krocus Elixir Serum and the Wild Rose Vitamin C Spotless Serum are some of my top skincare products of this year.  I'm sure ya'll are tired of hearing me talk about that Eye Serum but its seriously SO GOOD.  Light enough to use during the daytime under makeup or by itself or layer it at night with heavier creams on top.  I just can't get enough of that stuff!

3. SKIMS Loungewear with matching Kids Set

I'm going to be honest... Its the matching kids set for me!  You can find a similar lounge set or robe in so many stores but none of them have the matching set for your mini as well.  I haven't lucked out with SKIMS in terms of sizing since I've placed all of my orders online.  When I grab an XL, its too big and when I grab a Large, I feel like I could've used an XL.  This time I grabbed a L/XL robe and its HUGE... So, I probably could've used a S/M which I would've never guessed.  But the quality of all the loungewear + underwear I've purchased from SKIMS has been top notch!  So, if your concern is the price, just know that 1. You deserve it, and 2. It's worth it.

4. NoireBud

Let's all be adults here... we've all needed a little calm this year!  I've achieved mine via NoireBud drops + tea.  I was hooked on the drops for the longest thinking I didn't want to try anything else because I had found THE calm that I needed but then I tried the tea.  Let's just say that the Tea can stand toe to toe with the Drops which sounds crazy but that Tea is LEGIT.  A lot of people have asked me to describe the feeling I get when I take CBD + I can only best compare it to the euphoric calmness you may feel when you have a moment without the kids.  It doesn't make you sleepy but will help you sleep (I can't make it make sense, that's just what I know).  If you're feeling anxious or worried or tense, it will make you feel relaxed.  There is NO HIGH to this at all!  You can have a cup of the Tea or take a drop or two before a meeting + be just fine.

5. Stocks

Earlier this year, I began digging into the stock market.  I got tired of always shying away from any conversation involving investing in stocks + using the excuse "I don't do stocks".  I didn't do stocks because I didn't know anything about the stock market.  No one had ever introduced this as a form of investing but I'm 36 years old + its about time I take responsibility for introducing myself to things.  So, that's what I did!  I started super small in CashApp after Sakita shared that it was super easy to dip your toes in.  She was absolutely correct, CashApp is a very user friendly, beginner friendly way to learn a little.  I want to say I did that for about 3 months with very small investments... learning the ins and outs.  After about 3 months, I was ready to take a bigger leap + headed over to the Robinhood app.  This is where I am currently.  There are definitely Pros + Cons but the Pros outweigh the Cons for now.  I will eventually outgrow the Robinhood though.  For now, I like the ease of purchasing Shares (or selling) + I like that it takes a few days to cash out.  Some people may not like this or consider it a 'feature' but for me, the wait helps me to make better decisions.  These investments are longterm + I don't want to be able to cash out the shares unless something dire comes up or its in my best financial interest.  I'm really looking at my Shares as my longterm high interest yielding Savings account that is untouchable. 

6. Mantra Mugs

We all need custom mugs to say what we can't say when we're drinking our hot beverages.  Love the quality of all the Mantra Mugs I've purchased.  Unlike some of my Starbucks mugs that have lost decals in the dishwasher, the Mantra Mugs definitely hold up to the dishwasher, microwave, whatever!  And, this Treat Yo' Self is the epitome of what I want all of us women to do this Holiday season.

7. Beauty Bio GloPro

This is another item that I know I rave about a lot but it's because I love it that much.  So many of us spend good money on our skincare and this product only makes those expensive ass products even more effective.  Long story short, this device helps you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to skincare.  If you have any hyperpigmentation, this should be high on your WishList for real.  I'm a firm believer that unless you were born with it, great skin comes at a price so be wise what you spend that money on.

8. PURA Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser

I'm not sure how I first came across this device but man is it a game changer.  Glade Plug-In, Who?  Bath + Body Works Wallflower?  We don't know her.  I can guarantee you that this PURA device will beat any home fragrance situation you have going on right now.  I said it, don't @ me.  We're talking home fragrance that be controlled via an App on your phone.  Increase or decrease the intensity of the fragrance, turn it off completely or change the color of the nightlight all right from your phone.  Interested in putting your fragrances on a schedule?  Yep, you can do that too!  We all need at least one PURA device in our homes.  I'm sorry, I don't make the rules!

9. Peloton Bike

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know how much this bike has transformed my entire mindset around working out or fitness.  Both myself + my husband went from being complete couch potatoes to both working out at least 4-5 times per week.  And while the rides can be very intense, it doesn't feel like we're talking ourselves into it every day like it would feel with other workouts.  I will say that the playlists + the instructors are both LIT so that helps a lot.  But after a while, you just start feeling better physically + you're proud of your own progress that you don't want to let yourself down.  My suggestion is if you have $60/month + you're looking for a way to remain consistent in some form of working out, then the Peloton is a no brainer.  It's 0%APR so you're literally just paying for the exact cost of the bike over a set amount of months.  Sure, the cost isn't cheap but it's an investment into yourself.  What isn't cheap are the medical bills that can come from poor diet + health later in life.  So, choose yourself + invest in YOURSELF.


10. Amazon Alexa Products: Fire TV Cube, Echo Dot

Yes, we're going to chat about Alexa enabled products AGAIN because it's the one product that I've had for years that just keeps getting better.  I'm talking about products that I purchased for like $20 five years ago but we still use them to this day + the features have only improved over time.  I've said it before + I'll say it again... an Amazon Echo Dot is hands down, the cheapest gift you can buy that gives so much!  You're getting ALL the bang for your buck with this one here.  Music, Custom Scheduler, Games, Household Intercom System, Alarm Clocks, Timers... the list goes on!  Almost all features are available to use without a Prime account so if you're worried about gifting this without the Prime Membership, don't fret.  Things like shopping via the devices requires the Prime Membership (obviously) but you can connect your own music streaming services you may already pay for to your Echo devices + listen to music that way.  So, if you've been hesitant on grabbing Amazon Echo devices because you don't have an Amazon Prime Membership, go on ahead + grab them... you're good!  But I will also say that I would HIGHLY recommend the Amazon Prime Membership... Like FOR REAL, FOR REAL... but that's another conversation.

Okay, I hope this is a nice comprehensive list for you to pull some things for yourself that you might want.  Feel free to use this as a Wish List for yourself or to give to someone looking to give back to you.  Now we have some options!  Happy Shopping Xx