A Stress- Free Thanksgiving

Up until last week, our plans were to spend Thanksgiving with our extended family.  Things quickly changed on us + we'll actually be staying home for the Holiday.  Which means, I've gone from having to hardly do anything to doing EVERYTHING.  As the panic began to creep in, I took some CBD and decided to make a plan so that I wouldn't be super stressed out the week of Thanksgiving.  Figured I would share the steps I'm taking to make Thanksgiving less stressful + stay within budget.

First things, first... I'm creating a small menu.  This might seem like a small thing to do especially when it's not going to be a large number of people.  But hear me out because this step helps us get through the next step which is actually SUPER helpful.

Okay... so hopefully you see where I'm going with this now.  Yes, we made a menu so that we can then list all of the ingredients we'll need.  Listing the ingredients keeps us organized AND helps us not to overspend when shopping.  I can quickly open my Amazon Prime app + easily add the ingredients to my cart in no time.  Ordering the ingredients as early as possible is also important.  Don't wait until the day before or weekend before Thanksgiving to do the shopping.  Order the groceries NOW + get it out the way to keep stress at a minimum.

Last but definitely  not least is to decorate NOW.  Don't wait until we get closer to the holidays to put out all your decor.  Do it now and get it out the way because you will have lots of other stuff to do the week of Thanksgiving.  Trust, you'll thank me later.

Most of these tips involve preparing as early as you can... AKA now!  And if you're a SNAP recipient in the DC Metro Area, you can get started now.  Place those orders now for the ingredients you'll need on Thanksgiving.  And even better, save yourself lots of time by ordering via Amazon Prime or Amazon Fresh with no delivery fees.  Spend your time doing other things around the house to prep for the holiday.  Hopefully these tips help you as much as they're helping me right now.  Let me know if you implement any to help you this Holiday Season.