The Frames You Didn't Know You Needed
Amazon Echo Frames

Hey, so I know that I've kept you all waiting on my review for these Echo Frames but let me tell you... it was worth the wait.  Being that I have so many Alexa enabled devices around my house, I thought it wouldn't be a huge "add-on" for me to have the technology in my glasses but man I was wrong.  Especially, right now in the pandemic, it's been nice to get things done hands free while I'm out.  We all know the routine of touching things while we're out in stores now... then, you must sanitize your hands + such and nobody wants to do that every couple of minutes.  

*Amazon Echo Frames enters chat*

One of the first couple features I tested out was making phone calls + listening to music, the basics.  Of course the Echo Frames did both effortlessly but what I was blow away by was the fact that I could hear the person on the other end + hear the music playing but nobody around me could.  Like you could sit right next to me and hear absolutely NOTHING.  The Open-Ear Audio technology allows for sound to be directed into your ears while reducing what those around can actually hear.  Oh, almost forgot, the volume also adjusts to the noise level around you!  When I say these are Smart Frames... I mean SMART SMART.

I quickly moved on to test other features such as adding things to my shopping list, dropping in on my other Echo devices in my children's rooms if they weren't answering their phones (or don't have them because they're grounded) or even adding events to my calendar.  ALL of which require nothing but a simple command... "Alexa, add butter to my shopping list", "Alexa drop in to Gregory's Alexa", "Alexa add a Parent Teacher Conference to my calendar for tomorrow at 12PM for Kennedy".  Instead of having to pull my phone out + do these things manually, it was SO easy to just speak it + keep it moving.

Lastly, the most common question I got was where to go to get prescription lenses put in.  For me, I went to Pearl Vision because that was the closest optical that installs lenses on-site but I do know that you can go to LensCrafters as well.  If you don't wear prescription lenses, you could even install blue light filtering lenses to protect your eyes during your work day.  They really are for everybody to be honestly!  At this point, I'm just waiting for more frame styles so I can have options because we all LOVE options.

Let me know if you have any other questions that I may not have answered in this post.  Also, check out my Instagram Feed + Stories (limited time) to see to see the Echo Frames in action!

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  1. That is freaking amazing! What will they think of next? This is a game changer for our busy lives. Those features are so convenient!


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