Nude Family Photos

I'm sure you've seen the photos floating around and I haven't really expressed my opinion on them via social media but this here is MY site that I pay for so...

The photo of Jess Hilarious was the first one I saw.  She received a ton of negative comments but I'm sure it came as no surprise to her that this would happen.  I love the intimacy in the photo between the Mother and HER child but something about it did make me uncomfortable.  Uncomfortable enough to post hateful comments?  No.  I understand that as Americans we have this unhealthy ideology about nudity but whatever.  I'm American and this is America, so... I'm most uncomfortable with a child that age posing in a nude photo.  We all know how shoots go.  There's no possible way that the child did NOT see all of his Mother's "private" parts.  Not only that, they're being forced (because you do whatever Mommy says) to be skin to skin with their mother's private parts.  In Jess Hilarious' photo, the young boy's chest was actually physically touching her breasts and sitting on her bare vagina.  In Ciara's photo, her son is being pressed against her bare breasts (and not for feedings).  We all will have our opinions about this but I just wonder at what age is this NOT okay?  We begin teaching our children at a young age about boundaries.  Yes, my children have walked into my bedroom while I was getting dressed but I've never intentionally exposed myself to any of them past breastfeeding.  There is just as much beauty in a family photo where everyone is clothed so why the need to be nude?

Then Ciara dropped her own family photo and the world was here for it.  The same people that bashed Jess Hilarious saying she was trying to replace a man in her life with her son, applauded the Wilsons.  Ciara has a man (a damn good one at that) and still chose to pose nude with her son.  I don't see the difference.  Both photos make me uncomfortable BECAUSE the photos would still be amazing if everyone had clothes on.  This was THEIR CHOICE to do what they wanted to with THEIR FAMILY.  I think this is where we lose track of things.  Will I be taking nude photos with my children?  No.  That's MY CHOICE though.

Just as precious with clothing.
At some point we have to start remembering that just because we don't like something, doesn't mean we have to bash the person.  Keep scrolling... heck, even unfollow if you wish.  Am I here for these nude family photos? No.  But guess what?  I read the comments and kept scrolling.  LOL.  You didn't think I wasn't going to read the comments, did you?  Well that's my two cents on this topic.  What are your opinions on the photos.  Please be respectful in the comments, thanks!  XOXOMCS.


  1. I saw nothing wrong with both poses. For me personally I would have just keep the pictures to myself and kept it moving. What is NOT okay is all these sexual commentary. How could look at those babies and see sex? I see love.

  2. I felt that both photos were beautiful but should have been kept private. I would not feel comfortable exposing my child like that to thw world.

  3. Honestly I feel the EXACT same why you do. Something about it didn't feel right with me,but that is my opinion and obviously irrelevant to these people. They can do what we they heck they want

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