CurLUXE Naturals || Product Review

Well, I have come across yet another brand that I'm really excited to review for you guys.  I am constantly asked about different products that may work for different hair types and sometimes I have the answer, sometimes I don't.  There are certain types of products that I like for my own hair but I know that as a resource, finding products that may work great for other hair types is important as well.  So, if ever you feel like your need isn't being addressed please let me know.  Shoot me an email or comment here on the Blog so that I can help you in any way that I can.

So, on to the goodies!  CurLUXE Naturals sent over a few of their products for me to try and review with you guys.  I've been trying not to be a lazy natural anymore so I thought I would use their products for a Perm Rod Set.  For Naturalistas, this is easily one of the most tasking styles and if you're lazy don't even bother.  Out of the products sent over, I used 3 products: Dew Luxe Moisture Mist, Buttercream Curl Souffle and Twist & Define Cream.


This lightweight mist is a great addition to anyone's hair stash... Natural or not.  Because it is lightweight, it doesn't weigh your hair down yet it still provides a great deal of moisture.  This product also contains oils which allowed me not need the use of an additional oil when installing my Perm Rods.  If you like heavier sprays, then try this as a refresher spray during the week but if lightweight products are your thing then you will never be at lost for ways you can use this!


For the ladies who love a product that's heavier, THIS. IS. FOR. YOU.  One of the reasons I love a product that's thicker (heavier) is because you don't need to use nearly as much to achieve great results.  If you've watched my video on YouTube using these products, then you saw that I use a fingertip amount of this product in each section.  The moisture, softness and sheen it provides is just out of this world.  With the colder temps sneaking up on us soon, having products like this is key to your hair surviving the winter.  Those lighter products just won't cut it and you will find yourself constantly needing to add moisture back into your hair.  This Buttercream Curl Souffle is the product that will take you, your ends and your edges through the Winter safely!


Girl.  I know what you're thinking... Another Twist Cream.  But, let me tell you that not all Twist Creams are equal.  There are some out there (we won't be shady and name names) that I would NEVER consider doing a Perm Rod Set with because I just know better.  There are some Twist creams that you will only be able to use on a Twist Out.  It takes a special Twist AND Define Cream that will allow you to achieve as BOMB of a Perm Rod Set as I did.  This stuff just melts into your hair and gives it LIFE.  I had definition, bounce, moisture... THE WORKS.  So, if it isn't obvious which product is my fave from the CurLUXE Naturals line, let me make it clear now.  The Twist & Define Cream is the business!  If you're a girl that likes to do Perm Rod Sets, FlexiRod Sets, Twist Outs, Braid Outs, etc. but you hate having to pull a different product for each of those styles then you need this Twist & Define Cream in your arsenal.

So, yeah I'm definitely happy with the quality of these products and the amazing results I achieved using them.  If you haven't already, check out my YouTube video below where I demonstrate an Easy Perm Rod Set using ONLY these products.  If you have specific questions that I didn't address then feel free to ask in the comments section.