Are You a Cold Weather Cutie?

It has become freakishly cold for this time of the year.  It even snowed today and it made me realize I needed to cover my cold weather fashion post!  I know once the cold weather hits, its very tempting to throw on the sweats, wrap the scarf around the face and keep it moving... cute goes out the window!  But, it doesn't necessarily have to.  Here are some items that will keep you warm while looking fabulous all at the same time...

It may not be in style to wear your UGGs with shorts anymore but they are still the most popular boot for the season.  And with their recent twist on the original, they have the added glam!  At $170 a pair, I can see why Oprah named them one of her favorite things.

Who wants to spend all that time doing your hair in the morning to just mess it up with your good ole winter hat?!?!  I know I don't!  One of my favorite winter accessories would have to be ear muffs!  And with these fabulous ears muff from Juicy Couture, you'll arrive to work with your hair just the way you intended... No hat hair here!

Text messages don't stop coming in because its cold!!  With these pretties, you can keep your hands warm while leaving your fingers easily accessible to update your Facebook status.  On sale at American Eagle with a price tag of just $14.50 :-)

Additional View One
Additional View OneLast but not least, bring it all together with your most important winter asset... your COAT!  Generally, we tend to throw on whatever keeps us warmest.  But lets not forget, Paparazzi never sleeps... You wouldn't wanna get caught on the cover of OK! Magazine in your lime green bomber jacket would you?!  Alright, maybe I'm being a little extreme but seriously, keep it cute!  Throw on this chic Guess pea coat and hit the streets with confidence.  This is another steal, currently on sale for just $118 (was $198).