Dear Future Hair

Recently, #DearFutureHusband/Wife has been a huge trending topic on Twitter that I have loved.  Well, with me being on a journey for healthy long hair I decided to do a spin on that topic and write a note to my future hair!  This can either be very corny or very cute, or both! Lol.


As I look in the past and what we've been through, I realized how many storms you have weathered with me.  For being so loyal and staying strong and with me, I have not been too nice to you.  Growing up you were cared for by my grandmother but I couldn't handle you in your natural state on my own so I changed your composition with a relaxer.  Through high school things became tough on you with all the coloring and cutting.  While I treated you to a day at the salon every once in a while, even they were not too forgiving.  Well with all the blow drying and heat I might as well had been abusing you myself!  Then, my first year of college came and it was just you and me, me and you.  For the first time in a long time I paid you the attention you needed but not because you needed it, more because you became my identity.  I wanted beautiful flowing hair to show off, you becoming healthy was just a by product.  You grew so long and remained gorgeously healthy through my first pregnancy.  But with so much stress of handling a new family, moving away from the only family I knew and living on my own in Maine, you were bound to suffer right along with me.  Then came the pregnancy of my second child so soon and I did something that I still regret to this day.  I cut you all off and had no idea how to handle or style you.  So for months you were dry, brittle and easily put, not cute.  But you had my back, and you grew back... quite quick actually.  As I went through my emotionally roller coasters, you were always the first thing I felt needed to change.  When in actuality, there was so much inside of me that needed to change instead.  I cut you into the most adorable style and for the first time in a long time, I appreciated you.  I cared for you the way you needed to be but I still wasn't in tune with your true needs and wants.  And as the years have passed by it brings us to this current day looking forward.

#DearFutureHair I want to change my behavior towards you but that's only something that we can see with time.  I am doing my research and changing my  habits so that we can continue to have a great relationship together.  I am doing this for you, not for me which is something that has not happened enough in the past.  I want to grow old with you, not without you.  I want you to exude the happiness I feel on the inside day in and day out.  We have so many more journeys to embark on together including the day of my wedding.

#DearFutureHair there's so much more to come.