Hidden Secret Uncovered- Coconut Oil

After asking a friend of mine on Facebook what her hair care regime was, I took interest in one ingredient that stuck out to me... Coconut oil.  Now, I've heard of the benefits of using all natural oils on your hair but I've never even heard of Coconut Oil!  So, after talking with her I continued to do some research on it before going out to buy it.  Everyone on the Internet was raving about the benefits of Coconut Oil for your hair.  My first thought was "How could this be? I've never even heard of Coconut Oil!!".  Turns out, Coconut Oil is one of the only oils, if not THE only oil, that can penetrate the hair shaft!  As soon as I found this out I knew I had to try it.  Well while roaming the organic aisle in Kroger, I came across a jar and decided to pick it up.  Obviously, I was anxious to try it so I almost immediately ran into the bathroom and opened the jar.  I was sort of confused at first though because I wasn't sure if I was suppose to melt this over heat or in the microwave everyday for use since it is solid!  I started scraping at it just to smell it and found that as I touched it, it melted immediately.  So I scraped a large portion out into my hand and rubbed my hands together.  It melted immediately just using my body heat.  Its very light, much lighter than any other oil I've ever used.  I sprayed my hair with my KMS Leave-In Conditioner and then proceeded to seal using the coconut oil.  I literally noticed a difference in texture and softness of my  hair within a matter of minutes.  I pin-curled my hair and when I woke up this morning my hair was ridiculously (in a good way) soft! My ends look so healthy and nourished yet my hair is still light and fluffy how I like it.  I am definitely going to continue using this to seal as well as for oil treatments after washing.  And, for $8.99 per 160z jar, its an incredible deal!  This gets 5 stars in my book!!

Product: Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil
Rating: 5 Stars
Purchased From: Kroger
Cost: $8.99
Other Products Used: KMS Leave- In Conditioner Spray