My VERY 1st Post Chicks!!

Oh my... I can't believe I'm finally starting this blog.  I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing but I hope this becomes a learning experience for something great in the future!  A friend of mine, Crystal, wants to start a blog together but I have no experience in this sort of thing.  So to do her and I favor, I'm starting this which I'm sure will eventually branch out into whatever her and I create together.  So why start yet another blog?!  Well for one, Crystal was the one who came up with the idea.  After mulling it over, I realized that she was right... There aren't many blogs for women our age, our race with our expertise in fashion, beauty and hair.  Everyone seems to be professionals and very good at what they do.  We're not beginners but far from "professionals".  Very down to earth girls who still look to blogs for ideas and advice!!  So if you're interested, follow along... We like attention! Who doesn't?! Lol.