'Nail' Your Festive Look

So the holidays are here and I'm sure everyone (but me) has a Christmas Party or two to attend.  You probably don't want to throw on a cable knit sweater with a big ole' Christmas tree on it but there are other ways to be creatively festive.  My favorite way this year is to wear my favorite red nail polish!  For me, that's Haute Red by Orly.  Not only do you look like you're in the holiday spirit but Reds are SOOO in this season!  You get to accomplish two things at once, and I definitely like multitasking!  So go search in your arsenal of nail polishes and look for that head turning red that you feel suits you best.  Remember, try to keep it bright... Christmas red isn't burgundy!  You won't be walking around in that tacky holiday sweater but believe me, those red nails WILL get noticed!  Happy Holidays!