Natural Hair Styles Are Not For Me...

So over the weekend I wanted to try a hairstyle that required no heat whatsoever.  After washing my hair, I ended up doing some double stranded twist into Bantu knots.  I figured I would get some really nice curly locks but boy, when they say be careful what you wish for they mean it! Lol.  I ended up looking like curly sue and I didn't like it one bit.
The next day I pinned it up into a bun which was okay but i just didn't like the look on me.  Plus my hair seemed very coarse and not soft.  One thing I have noticed about my hair, it does not air dry very well into styles.  No matter what product I use or how much I moisturize, my hair tends to become very hard when I air dry. 

Needless to say, I resumed my Sunday haircare routine adding in a pre-shampoo treatment to make sure my locks were really conditioned.  Of course, the outcome was what I was use to and in fact my hair seemed healthier than before!  Could have been the pre-shampoo treatment, I'm not quite sure.

Have you tried a style out that you absolutely could not stand?  Did you stick it out or wash it out?!  Comment below if you want to share.


  1. I love your hair it's beautiful. And yes I've had my hair done a plenty of times and I didnt like it. What a waste of everyones time!


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