Review: Chip Resistant Top Coats

I've been on a never ending search for a great chip resistant top coat for my nails.  Its highly disappointing to spend an hour doing your nails and an hour doing nothing while your nails dry to just have them all chipped the very next day.  Unfortunately, even with my favorite brands Orly and OPI, I have not found anything that works for more than 24 hours which is ridiculous to me!

WON'T CHIP- Orly Chip Resistant Top Coat

This top coat is fairly thick and goes on very smoothly.  Unfortunately, that's where it stops.  After doing my nails at 10 pm... I woke up the next morning noticing some of the nail polish chipping already!  The next time I used two coats but didn't see much of a difference.  For the cost and brand, I am highly disappointed in this product.  Save your money with this one...
Product: Won't Chip by Orly
Rating: 1 Star
Purchased From: CVS
Price: $7.99

CHIP SKIP- OPI Nail lacquer chip preventor

I heard about this chip preventor in magazines and online so I decided to give it a try.  What I didn't know was that this isn't a top coat.  It is actually suppose to be applied to the bare nail and create a better adhesive bond for the nail polish to the nail.  This is where my biggest problem lies with this particular product.  Many people apply a nail strengthener or bonder to their nails prior to the polish application to create a smoother surface.  So applying OPI's Chip Skip to a 'bare' nail is really impossible if you want the best finish.  I attempted to apply this on top of my nail strengthener before the actual polish but it didn't seem to work as the polish began to chip the next day.  With such a strong name in the nail cosmetic business, you would think OPI would would come out with a top coat already.  Again, keep your money in your pocket with this product.
Product: Chip Skip by OPI
Rating: 1 Star
Purchased From: Trade Secret
Price: $8.50


  1. I'm using seche vite (sp). It's super fast drying and helpfulif you don't put too much on.

  2. I've seen that brand in stores! I'll have to try it out... And I love that its a two-in-one! Fast drying and Chip resistant... Love it! Thanks for the advice doll!

  3. I second Seche Vite top coat. It definitely works and it has a nice glossy finish. I would also reccomend the Orly Bonder. Now that stuff is amazing. Everytime I use it I can go days without getting a chip because it helps the polish adhese to the nail. Try it! I promis it will change your life! :)

  4. Just great... Now I have two new products I have to run out and get! Although, I am very excited on the inside... Hehehe! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait... Thanks dolls!


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