Review: Shea Moisture Hair Products from Target

Product Image Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Conditioning Milk - 8 oz.
Over the weekend, I stopped in Target (pronounced tar-jay ;-)) to pick up some wrapping paper and such.  Well I noticed they have a haircare line being sold there called Shea Moisture.  It seems to be geared towards Ethnic Women with Natural hair or Curly hair, or both!  While looking through the ingredients I noticed the FIRST few ingredients were Water, Coconut oil, Silk protein and Essential oil blend.  For the price and size of the products, I found this to be amazing!  For those who are not familiar with reading the ingredients on products, they are normally listed in the order in which the product contains most of.  So, for example, a product which lists Mineral Oil (which is not good for our hair) to be the first or second ingredient, this means that most of that product is Mineral Oil.  If you are looking for a product that contains Coconut Oil but Coconut Oil is second to last in a list of 20 ingredients, you probably should look elsewhere.  That particular product contains hardly any coconut oil for the most part!  But I digress... ( I tend to do that a lot! Lol)

The product I decided to try was the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Conditioning Milk.  Some may be hesitant to try this product because of the word 'curl' in the title.  It doesn't necessarily mean that it will make your hair curly unless specified but rather that it is geared towards women with curly hair.  This is where knowing your products comes in handy!  Most products geared toward people with curly hair are made to be creamy but light because people with curly hair want soft bouncy curls, not hard weighed down hair!  For me, this product is perfect for my hair which is not very thick.  Most moisturizers tend to weigh my hair down so I often moisturize with a liquid leave-in conditioner.  Well, after trying this product...  I LOVE IT!!  Its super light, not heavy at all and the smell is delicious!  My hair felt very soft and moisturized after using.  This has definitely become my new Moisturizing product in my regimen.

I simply can't wait to try out the other products in this amazing line.  My goal is to try out the Deep Treatment Masque next.  If you've tried these products or try them out in the future please let us know how well they worked for you!