SEX AND THE CITY... Coming to E! in January!!

For those of you who have not been keeping your ear to the ground, that's right... Sex and the City episodes will start showing daily on E! January 3rd!  I am a huge fan of the show so I am super excited.  I know many of you probably have the series on DVD but I just can't afford the hefty price tag quite yet.  But, now that Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda will be on cable TV I don't have to get the DVDs anytime soon :-)  I just wanted to come and let all the SATC fans who didn't know because I'm sure if you follow my blog, then you probably love that show!  The two pretty much go hand in hand!

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.  I have tons of stuff to review and talk about since I was given a Sephora gift card for Christmas!! Check back soon so you don't miss out on all goodies.