Date Night A.K.A Save your relationship night!

So, my hunny and I were able to slip out the door on a date this past Friday night and boy did we need it.  I wouldn't say we have been arguing a bunch or anything but our lives are based around our children.  We wake up and go to sleep with children (sometimes literally when Kennedy sleeps with us! lol).  So, occasionally we treat ourselves to a night out without ANY children.  This allows for us to have adult conversation without having to press the pause button or use children appropriate language! Lol.  One thing I have noticed is that when we finally do get a moment to ourselves is when we get into mini arguments.  We don't like to argue around the kids and many times one of us will just throw in the towel... usually the one who's wrong (uhhummm... Steven).  But, when we are alone we tend to get into small tisks that are just pointless and then when I realize we are arguing on our date night it pisses me off even more.  Usually, this alone will get me to end the argument.  Shoot, I don't wait no month plus some to go on a date just spend it all arguing... Oh no sireee!  I definitely looked too cute for all of that on Friday night!

I just wanted to post really quick about my love life which I don't do often (aside from wedding details).  We have come very far and it hasn't been an easy journey but our relationship IS what it's cracked up to be!  At least right now it is and I plan on working very hard to keep it that way. :-)  Toodles.

Someone refused to cooperate!

I was sooo loving my nude lipstick


  1. Date nights are so necessary after the wedding and babies! Good for you two for remembering to take time out for eachother. That nude lipstick looks really nice on you!Love the blog.

  2. Thanks doll! And you are so right. When you first start dating and even before children, you take dates for granted. It isn't until years later, kids later, that you really start to see how important they are to a relationship!

  3. Agreed! Date nights are absolutely a necessity!


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