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For the longest my fiancee and I have been sharing a computer. Well he's taking online classes for his Masters degree now and I, well I just like being on the computer to browse the Internet and such. Since I've started my blog we have definitely been arguing over the one computer more frequently! I knew for sure by the end of next year I needed to get my own computer. My biggest issue was I don't actually "need" a computer for actual 'work' per say. So I had a hard time coming to grips on buying a $600+ computer just to browse the Internet and apply for jobs! My happy medium? Buying an iPad! So far I think it has been a great idea but we shall see. I have lost a few features on Blogger because of the iPad software not being compatible I guess. But overall, it's convenience is outstanding. I did buy it directly from the Apple store so should I have a change of heart, I can return the product without any "restocking fees" that Best Buy likes to tack on! I know... Smart cookie right?! Lol. I will let you guys know if I stick with it or take it back. Right now it's definitely love at first sight!

Typed on my new iPad!

**UPDATE** I recently came across an app called BlogPress that gave me all my Blogger features back. In addition, it was on sale for $2.99 from $4.99!! I am literally head over heels right now :-D


  1. I have the iPad as well and really dislike it for blogging for that same reason so I just use my Macbook or iMac but maybe I'll change my mind once I try that BlogPress! Thanks girl!

  2. Yes the BlogPress app is a must have if you want to blog from your iPad. It just froze, closed and didn't save my entire post I was wiring on but I am gonna give it 1 last chance!!


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