Intimate or Lavish?

Lately my mind has been so consumed with wedding planning and already I'm feeling overwhelmed, over budget and under a lot of pressure.  So, the thought of scaling back to a small intimate wedding has been a thought.  I've always dreamed of this huge party with all my family and friends dancing the night away.  But the reality is, we really can't afford exactly what I want!  We are stretching every penny, planning tons of DIY projects and really planning carefully so that we can truly have the wedding of our "dreams".  There are obviously pros and cons to both but I simply can't make up my mind which one I want!  One day, I'm super excited about being to stress less over a small wedding then the next day I'm feeling sort of empty not planning a big wedding.

Intimate Wedding
With a small wedding, I'm afraid I will offend family members who do not get invited.  Then with a large wedding I start getting frustrated that no one has offered to help financially.  As you can see, I'm all over the place with my emotions!!
Large Wedding
So, as of right now I have no idea what I want and that has definitely stalled the wedding planning for now.  I hope to be able to make a final decision by the end of this week.  And, with a Maid of Honor and Mother breathing down my neck, I'm sure I will make that decision soon!