Making It All Balance

With all the challenges and goals I have made for myself, sometimes it feels like I just don't have time for it all.  My hair challenge by far has seemed very time consuming in comparison to how much time I use to spend on my hair.  Now, I have incorporated my weight challenge and that for sure is harder than I thought.  For those of you that don't know, I have a 7 year old daughter named Taylor, a 5 year old son named Gregory and a 7 month old daughter named Kennedy.  I like to think I have this thing down pat but that is so far from true!  I'm like every other "glammy mommy"... I'm lucky if I get my mascara and lip gloss on before heading out the door!  My schedule is jam packed from beginning to end and I will be resuming working full time very soon.  One thing that has helped me immensely has been taking a vitamin daily.  I have noticed a real increase in energy since I started taking my vitamin daily so I will continue doing that.  Of course, I wish I had MONEY MONEY and could afford some help whether it be in the form of a nanny or 'mother's helper'.  Some days, I am being pulled in so many directions that I just wanna scream!!  But, I know when my kids look back they will remember an active mother in their life.  Here's a peek into my daily schedule:

6:50 AM: Wake Taylor Up For School
7:15 AM: Do Taylor's Hair and Make Her Breakfast
7:30 AM: Steven Takes Taylor to the Bus Stop (I refuse to do early morning bus duty! Lol)
8:30 AM: Kennedy Wakes Up
9:00 AM: Make Gregory and Kennedy Breakfast
10:50 AM: Take Gregory to the Bus Stop
12:00 PM: Gym Workout (Not daily)
2:30 PM: Pick Taylor and Gregory Up at the Bus Stop
3:00 PM: Take Gregory and Taylor to Play Date (Not Daily)
5:30 PM: Return Home/ Start Making Dinner
6:00 PM: Steven Comes Home
6:30 PM: Dinner Time
7:30 PM: Bath Time for Kids
8:30 PM: Feed Kennedy her Last Meal and Bottle
9:00 PM: Bed Time for Kids
12:00 AM- 5:00 AM: Get Up to Feed Kennedy Randomly Throughout the Night!
** Me Time For the Rest of the Night!!**

So, yes, it is quite overwhelming to think I am going to incorporate working full time into this schedule.  Of course, it varies from day to day depending on different things.  Sometimes, Taylor gets her hair done... Sometimes Gregory gets his hair cut.  Then, they will all begin swimming lessons very shortly so that too will take up a time slot during the day.  For all you mothers out there who have been doing it for years or are currently doing and have that 'overwhelmed' feeling from time to time, you are not alone!  Take it day to day and most importantly take that time out for yourself that you need.  Today, that meant me taking a one hour nap when Steven got home from work.  Taking time for yourself doesn't necessarily mean spending, splurging or pampering yourself but it could mean a nice bubble bath or quiet time in your room with a book.  Whatever it is for you, do what you need to do to make it all balance.


  1. I can definitely relate to this. I have four with a i know what it feels like to be overwhelmed at times :)

  2. Four kids? Yes, I am SURE you know exactly what it feels like! Lol. As they are getting older, it is getting a little bit easier but I am sure new challenges will come with that as well!


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