Oil Control

One of my biggest flaws (IMO) is the oily skin on my face. It drives me crazy because I love wearing makeup and by the end of the day my makeup is just sliding off my face. Believe me, it is so not a cute look! Not only that, but the shine is ridiculous! I mean, you can definitely see me coming a mile away and may need to put on shades the closer I get.

Recently, I tried out an oil control lotion from MAC which worked great for the first 5 hours or so but after those 5 hours it was all downhill from there! When I leave the house on a normal day this is how I look:

When I return home, this is how my face looks or worse:

It is SO frustrating but I am really trying to figure this out. One of my friends told me that using the MUFE HD may not be the best for my oily skin. Which is what I've been using. The issue I have with matte foundations is that they make you look ashy sometimes. I hate that dry ashy look! I want a fresh, moisturized, and dewy look when I'm done applying my foundation. Do you have the same issue or have any suggestions?!

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  1. A useful tip I once heard, was to use the paper toilet liner sheets they have in the bathroom to blot your face. Gross as it sounds it's like a free oil blotter paper. :/ I'm in the exact same boat as you, I can fry an egg on my face by the end of the day. #sogross

  2. Hey hun,I mmsut say u look absolutely beautiful&have flawless skin. U can try using oil free cleanser,moisturiser7change that primer u using plus set ur foundation with Oil free powder

    Love ur blog,im ur 8th follower,saw u on Tina's blog


  3. @ Sher, FLAWLESS?!?! You're too kind but that is definitely the first time I have been told my skin is flawless. I guess I can credit that comment to my fabulous makeup! Lol. I definitely have acne prone skin that I keep under control with Cetaphil now (my little secret! hehe). I think the only thing I am not doing is using a primer that is meant for oily skin. But everything else I definitely do... From the cleanser to the powder.

    Thanks for the add doll and I will definitely return the gesture ;-)


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