Out of my Purse... Into Yours!

So, I have a few things in my purse that I want to share my review of with you.  Maybe, you'll try it out and it'll make it into your purse... Who knows!

I definitely wasn't sure about Winter Pastel Nail Polish colors but I decided to give them a try.  I bought two Revlon colors about a month ago but had yet to try them.  Well I tried out the Revlon 'Lilac Pastelles' tonight and it actually looks quite nice against my skin tone!

Next thing would be my Nivea 'Soft' Moisturizing Creme.  This stuff feels so great going onto your hands for those cold winter days.  My hands get super dry and ashy looking and this stuff combats it for sure.  One thing I love about it is that it doesn't lie on top of the skin.  Hand moisturizers that don't suck in quickly are so annoying!  Its like you can't touch anything for 10 minutes or you have to wipe your hands off on something which defeats the purpose.  But this Nivea Hand Moisturizer definitely soaks in almost immediately leaving your hands crazy Smooth, just like it states!  You can grab a purse size at your nearest Walgreens.
Last but definitely not least is my Nivea Kiss of Shine Lip Care.  This stuff smells so yummy and goes on THE smoothest!  It gives your lips a nice clear shine with moisturizing that lasts for hours.  And, the stickiness factor that a lot of lip glosses have, this does not have one bit.  This you can also grab at your nearest Walgreens in the same aisle as the Nivea body creme.
Well thats it for this week.  Theres a ton more in my purse that are my staples and must haves but I will review them as time goes on.  It would be a super long post if I reviewed them all now!