VO5 Moisture Milks Conditioner- Review

Moisture Milks Strawberries & Cream Conditioner by Alberto VO5 for Unisex - 15 oz Conditioner

This is yet another product I have heard about through the grapevine that I decided to try out myself.  I must admit, I am slightly addicted now.  I first started using this to do a co-wash every  now and then but now I seem to co-wash more often.  If my hair feels like it has a lot of build up, then I will use shampoo the first wash and then use this VO5 Conditioner for the 2nd and 3rd wash (for a total of 3 washes).  This stuff makes your hair feel incredible and at just .79 cents for a bottle you don't feel guilty about using too much.  You know how some conditioners feel great when they are in your hair but then once you rinse them out, your hair has a completely different (not so soft) texture??!!  Well, this won't do that at all.  It makes your hair super soft and tangle free when its in and still very soft once its rinsed out.  I thought it was just me but my friend Crystal started using it and says she's addicted to co-washing as well now!  While she and I do have different textured hair, we both use relaxers so please keep that in mind.

I have not used this as my main conditioner after washing and I don't plan on it as I have other staples that I would rather use.  But, for the purpose in which I use it, it works phenomenally!  In addition, VO5 has a number of different fragrances so you don't have to get this specific one (pictured above).  My favorite is actually the Passion Fruit one so I would suggest trying them all out to see which one you fall in love with!  Toodles!


  1. Thanks! Still one of my faves for co-washes so it wasn't a phase! LOL


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