My V-Day Plans

So, we decided to tone down our normal Valentine's Day shindigs and do something personal at home.  I found a luscious recipe to cook for dinner and we plan on lighting some candles, turning on some light music and really enjoying each other's company.  After all, how often do we even do this?!  Hardly ever since normally the television is usually on at all times.  I got him a Philadelphia Eagles chair to play is video games in and a matching blanket for him to use when he's laying on the couch watching tv.  This came out to only $50 and I'm sure he is gonna love both gifts.  Normally we would have spent more money but we're planning a wedding so all costs must be kept down!  My nails are already done and of course I threw on the red because I love any reason to throw on a nice red polish!

I used OPI's 'The Thrill of Brazil' for this and it came out oh so perfect.  I will be nice and dressed up when my hunny gets home from work to give the appearance and feel of date night.  Nothing too dressy but something cute and casual.  I will post my OOTD and FOTD tomorrow afternoon so come back and check. What do you guys plan on doing tomorrow?