Beauty Products I'm Loving at the Moment!

Some of these items I have not been using for very long but I will specify which products those are and for how long I have been using them.  These are not your everyday 5-Star products, I'm talking about I'm in love and they have changed my life kinda items! Lol.  Yes, its that serious but I just wanted it to be clear that these products are exceptional and HIGHLY recommended.
This tangle teezer is absolutely amazing!  It has cut my detangling time by 75%... No lie!  Detangling my daughters hair use to take 20 minutes on average and now it takes MAYBE 7 minutes.  It glides through the hair effortless and the hair fall out is minimal.  The amount of hair my daughter loses now is about a tenth of what she use to lose.  Definitely a great investment for just $10.  I will definitely be getting another one for 'just in case'!

Excellent light-weight lip conditioner.  It soaks in quickly so you have to be careful not apply too much on too quickly.  This is what I put on my lips before I go to bed and after I wash my face and brush my teeth in the morning.  I usually do not have to re-apply until mid day which is a HUGE pro.  I am not the type of person who LOVES taking out my chapstick and slapping it on in public.

I have always loved Olay moisturizer but my skin has been so oily lately that I have been trying to revamp the items I put on my face. I started with trying out a new moisturizer and started with MAC's Oil Control Lotion.  It works great and does the job but leaves my skin VERY dry which I hated.  So, one night I was thinking and realized, why don't I just stick with the Olay Lotion but get the one thats best for my skin (oily, combination).  I did just that!  Now I have a lotion that moisturizes great but minimizes oil production throughout the day.  Its super light which is a big difference from the regular lotion that is quite thick but I guess thats to avoid product build up on oily skin.  This item was only $9.99, as opposed to $29.99 for MAC Oil Control Lotion.  GREAT DEAL!

I started using this product a few weeks ago as a sub in for my hair moisturizer.  Prior to using this I was using Shea Moisture Coconut Curl & Style Milk which worked great and did the job but I wanted to try this product out.  The Mizani Coconut Souffle is slightly heavier than the Shea Moisture product but it is absorbed well by my hair so its still just as light to me.  I am able to use this every night and seal with either coconut or jojoba oil without my hair being weighed down after a couple of days.  Keep in mind, I use very little in my hair... less than the size of a dime on my entire head so its definitely VERY little.  But, my hair is not that thick so a little of this stuff goes a long way for me!

So these are just a few products that I am currently in love with and see myself in a long term relationship with.  I'm currently dating a couple of other products like my wig and denman brush but the jury is still out on those and few others.  Do you have any products that have become 'staples' in your life?  If so, what are they?  Comment below!