This Weekend's Looks

So I didn't really do much this weekend but hang out with my hunny. We went to Target (no surprise there) and did a little food shopping. We did get to eat at Smokey Bones which was a first for me. That place had some yummy appetizers... I mean I couldn't decide which ones I wanted to try! They all looked so delicious but eventually I decided to just get two appetizers as my meal. And that cornbread that they have, OMG was it soooo good!

Well, as I talked about before, I was able to get more use out of my Tarte TEN palette. This time I chose to do a purple/lavender look which I loved. I discovered that I definitely need to invest in a better blender brush because the one I have just isn't working for me anymore.

Also, I showed you guys the Orly 'Oh Cabana Boy' polish I bought but didn't have time to show you an actual swatch. Well below is how it looks on. The first picture is with flash and the second is without. It is a very bright almost neon pink as I said before. But I am a HUGE fan of pink so I was in love with this shade at first sight!

What did you guys do this weekend? Well I'm off to check some of my favorite blogs now. Be back soon... Toodles!

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  1. absolutely
    and you have an ipad? tres jellie!!

  2. @Onyxsta... Thanks doll! I'm still not over the fact that I finally got my iPad myself! Lol

  3. @April, it is a very 'out there' pink but I love it. Its definitely not for everybody though! Lol


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