Valentine's Day DOES NOT EQUAL Christmas!

So recently I've noticed a lot of people (mainly females) stating things like "I wonder what I'm getting for Valentine's Day"!  Umm, last time I checked Valentine's Day was just a day where you would express your love for someone through the form of a very small gift if anything at all.  What ever happened to cards, a box of chocolates or a nice homemade dinner being enough on Valentine's Day.  Now-a-days, you have to book a reservation at the fanciest restaurant, pick up some diamonds AND send the biggest bouquet of flowers in order to show your love on Valentine's Day.  This is just not right.  In my opinion, the gift on Valentine's Day should be the equivalent of a 'stocking stuffer'.  A stocking stuffer is something usually very small or minimal but that would really put a smile on the receivers face.  Yes, occasionally you may want to do something extra special one year but it should in no way be 'expected' by the other person.  And writing out a list of things wanted for Valentine's Day is totally out of the question and very tacky.  Let your significant other take the time to find something they feel may be special for you.  You have other holidays throughout the year where you can write lists or request specific items... This is not one of them.

I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm ranting but I think it needed to be said.  There are some trifling women (and men too I'm sure) walking around with lists of things they would like on Valentine's Day and this needed to be set straight!  Tear up those lists and open your heart.  If the gift that you receive is corny or cheap then have a sense of humor and think to yourself... At least IT'S ONLY VALENTINE'S DAY!