Wedding Palette

So I have finally narrowed down my wedding palette. For me this is very important to do to move forward and begin the decor planning process. Since our wedding is around Valentine's Day, I chose to incorporate very romantic and passion filled colors. I'm not one for very ordinary and "safe" colors but it still needs to be well coordinated. Below is a board I created using an iPad app called Moodboard which I absolutely love. If you dont have it, you definitely need to get it. It's great for planning any kind of party, event or even just a collage of pictures. I was able to construct this moodboard, send it out to my mother and best friend and they immediately understood the look I was going for. It's definitely one of my favorite wedding planning tools.

This is also good for meetings with your vendors so they understand the idea of the wedding that you envision. Anyways, I just wanted to share this with you guys. As I continue planning my wedding, I will update my blog here... Maybe not with EVERYTHING but with some fun goodies here and there. What do you guys think of my wedding palette? Do you find it to be traditional or non-traditional?

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