Wigging Out!

So in my desire to use protective styling in order to attain length, I am exploring all my options.  The latest option is wearing a wig.  I have my own personal stereo types but lately I've been seeing some pretty nice wigs on the blogs and on YouTube.  They aren't your mother or grandmother type of wigs out there these days.  So after running to my local beauty supply store, I decided to go with a wig with length.  I didn't want to give the impression that I was wearing a wig to make it seem like it was my real hair, because I AM NOT.   I don't mind people knowing I wear a wig at all because I will tell them why in a heartbeat.  This is just a temporary solution to a long term fix I need.  My hopes are that my hair will grow to APL (Arm Pit Length) by summer which really isn't too much to ask for! Is it?!?!  I took a few pics of my wig and posted them below.  I went with a wig by the Sensationnel Empress line called 'Jane'.  You guys like?

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