Face Masks

Staying on the topic of face products, I have been researching the benefits and results of using facial masks.  I've used them in the past when I sold make-up for Meet Mark (Avon) and loved them but then fell off.  Isn't that always the case though?! Lol.  Anyways, I'm not interested in trying out the $45 products and such because I'm just not that intrigued or interested really.  So I googled away and found a couple that kept coming up with high reviews on the blogs.  The first was Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque and the other was Freeman's Purifying Clay Mask.  The funny thing was that of the more expensive masks, the popular ones were either Mint or Clay Masks!  I decided to just buy both masks since they were so inexpensive (approximately $3.50 each).  I plan on using the Freeman Purifying Clay Mask tonight and the Queen Helene Mint Mask on Wednesday, then continuing on that pattern weekly.  I'll be sure to come back and update as soon as I can.  I haven't been purposely neglecting my blog... Just been so busy trying to stay on top of things at the new job.

Have you guys been interested in using Facial Masks?  Do you currently use one that you live by?  If so, which one?  I would love to know about any other masks out there that are fabulous!!


  1. I understand you being busy...working and taking care of your husband and kids plus trying to blog is difficult...seems like theres never enough time in the day...I actually use Freeman's Purifying Clay mask and I love it! It purges and minimizes my pores (temporarily) and leaves my skin feeling so soft.

  2. I'm trying out the Clay Mask tonight so now I can't wait! All the reviews I read about it said the same thing as you so I'm looking forward.


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