Studio Tint... Plus Some

With my skin clearing up from the Clarisonic and masks, I was confident enough to wear no make-up to work yesterday.  That really didn't last long though since I went on my lunch break to the MAC counter at Macy's to check out their Studio Tint.  I've been meaning to try it out since the launch of their additional shades but never really took the time to do so since I still had acne and breakouts.  Anyways,  I tried it and now I love it!!  Now, I will say, at first glance there didn't seem to be a difference.  But my smart MUA did one side of my face at a time so I was able to compare (with and without) and there lied the difference.  It is very sheer so it really won't conceal anything but it will even out the tone.  I mean, when all was said and done, it looked like I had no make-up on but I did!  B-E-A-UTIFUL! Lol.  I was matched up with Dark as my shade and it does appear to be super light as it goes on but it will blend effortlessly.  Also, keep in mind that since it doesn't come in a wide array of colors, one shade can match a range of skintones.  If you are looking for a low coverage foundation or tinted moisturizer then look no further.  Once again MAC has me at hello!  I've included some pics below :-)

I mean seriously, that Clarisonic has been working wonders on my face.  Look at the clarity compared to other pictures I've posted on here in the past few months.  Not to mention, I was having a GREAT hair day today.  I accomplished these waves and swoops with pin curls overnight.

Also, while at the MAC counter I tried out a couple of Cremegloss shades... Partial to Pink and Loud & Lovely.  Partial to Pink was more on the natural side with a hint of pink... very subtle and pretty.  Loud & Lovely was just as its name states! Lol... It a sheer bright pink and I loved it so I will be getting that one at a later time.  In the very top picture, thats what's on my lips (I tested it out!).  So, I know this was a super duper short post but I just wanted to touch bases with you guys about the Studio Tint.  Until next time... Toodles ;-)


  1. That Studio Tint really looks good on you! I'm going to try it out myself since I too am looking for something a little lighter for the summer.

  2. Thanks hun... Definitely try the Studio Tint for the summer months.


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