Loving all things Marc by Marc Jacobs

I have become very fond of all things Marc by Marc Jacobs. It reminds of a Saturday in New York City to be really honest. Whether you're throwing on a chic dress or jeans with a pair of killer wedges, you're sure to make statement without even trying. For a girl whose claim to fame is a pair of jeans and a tee... Pairing with the right shoes, blazer or sweater is uber important. Marc by Marc Jacobs allows you to dress up that casual Saturday outfit and hit the city in a matter of minutes. I've noted some of my favorites from the Spring and Summer collection.

The likelihood of me getting a lot of the items on my board are pretty slim given my current budget! But, hey a girl can wish can't she?! Don't let me find any of the shoes on clearance anywhere because I am definitely on the edge as we speak! Lol! Anyways, going back to window shopping online dolls... toddles :-)

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