I have finally accomplished a nice curly style without barely any hassle!  In the past, I have tried to Bantu twist and other things on wet hair but last night was so random.  I was suppose to wash my hair and was feeling really lazy.  I didn't want to pull my hair into a pony tail so I sectioned my hair off into four sections, sprayed with a water/conditioner mix and twisted my hair back.  I didn't apply any oil or product because I had done so that morning.  This was the result:

This literally took me all of 2 minutes to accomplish!!  I slept with it in twists overnight and carefully undid them in the morning.  I didn't have any perm rods to roll the ends so I knew I may have some stragglies, lol.  This was the outcome:

Needless to say I'm pleased with the results and will be using this a staple style for the rest of the summer.  Seeing as this was just the first try, I am hoping to get better waves/curls as I learn different techniques.  I am so loving big hair and curls this summer and now I don't have to feel left out <3 Muah. Toodles.


  1. This is very pretty. I did a lot of twist outs last summer!

  2. Thanks Kendra! It was a fabulous style for the week but I had trouble keeping my hair from drying out daily. My hair tends to become very brittle and dry in styles like these but it's fine if let's say its just straight from flat ironing.


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