Bye Bye Nanny...

I can't believe I am saying this but we are actually giving up our nanny sometime within the next month!  We have had one for the past two years almost and while it saved us money at first, it is no longer a necessary cost for our family.  Beyond the financial aspects, having a nanny has been so crucial for me being a Working Mom I feel.  The guilt I have for not raising my children day in and day out is always there but having a nanny who I know loves them and cares for them as I would while I am away has always kept me at peace with my decision to work.  Not to mention, she takes care of minor household tasks like laundry, dishes and vacuuming leaving me so much more time to spend with my children once I do arrive home.  For me, these are the "little" things that I will miss the most about having her (personally).  From a family standpoint, the children will miss having a Nanny around as she became their "stand-by" mom during this time.  She understood their quirks, their annoyances, their gripes and knew exactly what was needed to sooth and solve all of these issues.  While after school activities and private preschool will now fill the void, it will not be the same at all.

Admittedly, having a Nanny has been a huge clutch for me.  Having her not only covered my guilt for being a Working Mom but it was also a show of status somewhat.  I live in the the wealthiest county in the United States (Loudoun County) where having a Nanny is like having a Keurig... Everyone has one or is a Stay-at-Home Mom, so I fit right in.  And, truthfully we are giving up our Nanny now for financial reasons.  Saving and buying a home has become a priority for our family and the cost of the Nanny per month is astronomically unnecessary at this point.  I so wish I could somehow work a second job just to keep the Nanny but that would be taking even more time away from the familia!  It's a vicious vicious circle I tell ya!

Our family is definitely venturing into a world that we are not 100% comfortable with but know plenty of families who successfully get by without a Nanny.  I'm sure I will now get the double side eye once I tell people I work AND my kids are in school but that is something I have to learn to get over.  Appearances aren't everything and it sure won't get us to where we need to be.  We will miss our Nanny beyond words but we hope to keep her in our lives by having her babysit (occasionally! the goal is saving money lol).


  1. I LOVE our Nanny. However I'm looking forward to when we can afford for me to work part time and no longer need a full time nanny!

  2. You and me both sister! I love having a career but I had my children young and by the time they are off to college, I will still be fairly young and still able to have a career at that time. I am so wishing I could work part-time to have more time with them...


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