Cue the confetti and alert the marching band because this chick here has made it one whole year with Natural Hair honey!  I am surprised that I am here in all honesty because I have had many, many doubting moments where I wasn't happy with my hair throughout this past year.  Certain stages weren't as cute as other stages and the disappointment of unpredictable hair wore on me many days.  I didn't go natural to be unhappy and dissatisfied with my hair which I had to remind myself many times.  I went natural because my relaxed hair had become very unhealthy and desperately needed a restart hence my big chop.  But, this was truly my main reason for going natural.  Secondary to my first reason, was my interest in knowing what my actual natural hair was like.  I vaguely remembered big fros and courser hair as a little girl but had never managed my hair in its natural state in day-to-day styling.  Going natural gave me this opportunity.

During this first year I steered away from all chemicals including dyes which could possibly alter my texture.  But my curiosity was quickly satisfied as my curls grew and my hair became fuller over the months.  Though I'm considered to be in an awkward stage currently, I am loving my hair! If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I went straight for my one year big chop anniversary.  My plan when I initially cut off all of my hair was to wear my hair in its naturally curly state until I was able to wear it straight regularly, without too much effort.  Well, that's where I am now.  In fact, my hair is the same length as it was when I met my husband in college years ago.  So, le struggle begins!  Do I wear my hair straight and take the risk of damaging curls and the curl pattern or do I wear my hair straight and enjoy my hair?

Well I have chosen to enjoy hair!  The curl pattern may become altered and curls may become damaged eventually, no matter how much care is put into protecting my hair from heat.  But, that is a risk I am willing to take and if the time comes when I need to cut off damaged ends then so be it.  Some women like wearing their hair curly 99.9% of the time and don't ever dare to apply heat unless they are getting a trim.  I say, if you do this because you prefer a curly look for yourself then werk it fierce girl!  But, if you are staying away from heat for fear that you may lose texture, curl pattern, etc... then you need to reevaluate being a Natural.  You shouldn't feel stuck or trapped just to have natural hair.  And, I refuse to either.  So, I will just rock with my hair however I please and deal with any issues as they rise.
On the left: July 2013                On the Right: September 2013

Have you "gone Natural"?  Do you straighten your hair or wear it curly?  Please share below some things you have learned on your "Natural Hair Journey"...


  1. I am currently transitioning. I have not had a perm since early June 2016. I have not done a big chop, i am growing my hair out and just getting it rodded by my stylist. My hair was really short, almost shaved on one side and in the back with a thick decent length bang. So my journey begins.


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