Feeling Grateful

At the beginning of this summer my family was headed to Atlanta to join my husband in a new job venture.  The goal was for me to stay behind with the children until the school year finished and then relocate at that time.  Well, turns out God had other plans for us!  My husband ended up returning home to his former job which offered him the same opportunity and promotion the gig in Atlanta gave.  The obvious upside was that the family did not have to move so we jumped on that offer immediately.  Unfortunately, by the time all of this came about I had already put in a notice of resignation at my company and they had already found a replacement that I had begun training.  I took what seemed like a closed door for me and saw it as God opening a door that was definitely needed at the time.  Spending some quality time with my children was well overdue.

While the summer did not come with it's own set of financial struggles with me not working, it's the memories that are truly priceless.  Who knows when I will be able to spend this much time with them again.  Sure we didn't get to go on as many trips as we usually do or have as many frivolous outings, we made do with what we had.  Most importantly bills were paid and food was always on the table.  This by far was the biggest blessing I have received all year.  We never thought that we could get by on just one salary but anything is possible if that's God plan for you.

Once the kids return to school this week, my job search will be kicked into overdrive.  We've been praying for the right opportunity to present itself and we have faith that God will open  yet another door.  I just felt compelled to share how grateful and blessed I have been feeling as my summer vacation with my family comes to an end.  When an opportunity doesn't work out, sometimes it's because God is making way for something greater.  XOXO