I Love Shrinkage, Yes I Do... I Love Shrinkage, How About You?

Yesterday, I posted a few pictures of my hair using a new product sent to me by Miss Jessie's.  As I applied the product to my hair, I absolutely LOVED the way it felt.  It didn't feel like a styling product but I could clearly see it working it's magic almost immediately.  My curls look like they had 10 extra lives to them and the first thing that came to mind was "this product is going to create a lot of shrinkage".  For me, shrinkage has never been an issue and in fact, I am against NOT having shrinkage!! LOL.  As I've mentioned before, I have very tight coils which obviously means lots of shrinkage but when my curls lack definition or curl pattern, it's usually a sign of poor hair care and health.  I mean who actually 'wants' lifeless, loose curls?  Yes, it happens to the best of us sometimes due to different reasons and then we have to spend countless hours trying to achieve the "look" of curls that are healthy.

I say all this to encourage my curlfriends to embrace their shrinkage.  Constantly, I am seeing sayings like "Shrinkage is a b*tch", "Damn my shrinkage" or "Shrinkage at it's worst".  Without shrinkage many of us would have unhealthy, lifeless curls.  Many Naturals end up big chopping numerous times after damage like this has occurred.  Glorify your shrinkage just as much as you glorify the length you've gained from maintaining a healthy hair care regimen.  It's all directly related to each other!  There's no need to constantly stretch your curls in pictures to show others how long your hair really is.  Be proud of how tight your curls actually are and let lookers know that in that shrinkage there is HEALTH.

How do you actually feel about shrinkage?  Do you feel the Natural Community is obsessed with showing length?  Leave your opinions below in the comment section...