Miss Jessie's Giveaway and Review of Products

My very first giveaway is finally here and it is sponsored by Miss Jessie's!  Needless to say, I am beyond thrilled to be giving away some of my favorite products.  I have been a ride or die Miss Jessie's customer since I first Big Chopped so it only seemed right that I team up with the brand for my first giveaway.  Below are mini reviews on the products included in the giveaway in case you were wondering my impressions of them.  I have only included products that I have used and loved so need to worry about tainted reviews here.

1. Creme de la Curl:  This is very creamy cleansing conditioner with awesome slip.  If you are looking for a moisturizing, sulfate-free cleanser that does not lather, this is it!  This was the very first cleansing conditioner that I ever fell in love with actually.  When my hair was really short (TWA status) and I had to wash my hair more frequently, I was able to use this without fear of drying out my hair.

2. Super Sweetback Treatment: OH MY LORD!  This is the granddaddy of Deep Conditioners.  I remember when I first saw the price of this conditioner in stores and my jaw dropped.  For a while, I didn't try it because I couldn't imagine spending that kind of money on conditioner.  But, finally I took the plunge to see what it was all about.  You can't knock something until you try it, right?  Well, I was beyond amazed with how soft it made my hair.  In fact, my hair felt so different that I was sure that some chemical metamorphosis had occurred.  LOL.  Once rinsed, I was left with shiny, soft curls that were incredibly moisturized.  This was my first experience in hair products where you truly get what you pay for!

3. MultiCultural Curls:  This is a fairly new product to me... In fact, this week was my first time trying it out!  It's the perfect styler for Wash and Gos as it has a very light texture that leaves your hair moisturized for days.  Very little goes a long way as this product is loaded with good oils but too much can start to weigh the hair down.  When applying this product to your hair it feels like leave-in conditioner because it has such a huge amount of slip and even "softens" the strands but almost immediately I noticed my curls starting to perk up.  So, it's definitely a Styling Product!  Although, I have not used it for a twist out yet I am sure it would be a great product for that with all the moisture it adds to the hair.

4. Jelly Soft Curls: I have been riding with this product since it's release, literally!  I purchased the  product the exact day it was released on the Miss Jessie's website LOL.  Simply put, it's the best gel I have used on my hair.  Sure there are cheaper options out there that may give you more product but again, it's quality over quantity with this.  This is the only gel I ever use on my edges so if you've ever wondered how I tame and keep my edges slicked, it's this stuff here.  When I am aiming at making my Wash and Go last for more than 2 days, I apply about a quarter sized amount of this product to each section and rake it through.  It leaves a nice hold that doesn't weigh down my curls and great shine to the hair!

5. Leave-In Condish:  I must say this is my absolute favorite product of Miss Jessie's.  I can't get enough of it and it's my most recommended product PERIOD.  For starters, I absolutely love the scent and texture of this product... It's not too thick or thin.  When a leave-in is too 'thin' in texture I tend to need to use more and when it's too thick I tend not to be able to use as much as I need.  I like to apply this on nearly soak and wet hair and rake it through using my fingers.  Don't worry about a struggle because this product has so much slip that your hair will easily slip through your fingers.  If you have little ones, this is perfect for a tear free detangling session.  On regular occasion I only use this leave-in conditioner with nothing else but some oil to seal the moisture.  Not only does it provide lasting moisture but it separates and makes my curls pop.  Leave-In Condish is truly a one-stop HIT!

Well there you have it, a small review of all the products included in my Instagram giveaway with Miss Jessie's.  For a list of ingredients, please check the products out at www.missjessies.com.  Other than that, come follow me on Instagram @mycandishoppe for more information on how to enter the Giveaway and win!  Good Luck!