Wash Day Staples

Over the past few months I have discovered quite a few new hair care products.  Most of which were through Social Media, obvi, but some were from random trial and error.  My most important product trait is the amount of "slip" it provides to my hair.  I have very tightly coiled curls that tend to become quite tangled from my Wash and Gos so by the time Wash Day comes, my hair is in major need of detangling.  Every single product I use in my hair HAS to provide a certain level of "slip", even the cleansing product.  My current product regimen has treated my hair quite well so far so lets review them quickly!!

1. Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner:  I have been in love with this cleansing product for quite some time now, over half the year at least.  In fact, I have done a video review on YouTube which can be seen here.  This product applies to my hair like a creamy conditioner but is different from other cleansing creams that I have tried because it doesn't leave a weird residue.  Rather, it actually leaves my hair feeling very clean and soft!  I have gained some length since I first started using and my hair still needs another conditioner to detangle at this point but when I was in true TWA status, this baby detangled my hair on its own.  IT'S THAT GOOD!

2. Pantene Pro-V Curl 2-Minute Conditioning Masque: This is now my second step to my wash day regimen right after I cleanse.  This is what I consider my detangling phase and this is the perfect product for such.  It will melt your strands to a silky soft texture making it so easy to detangle.  Some days I use my fingers only while on other days my Denman brush is needed to maintain my sanity.  It gets like that sometimes... My Curlfriends know the feeling!  I apply this conditioner in 3 sections (both front sides and the back) then leave on my hair for about 2 minutes while I am in the shower.  Once it has had the time to work it's magic I get to work on a super easy detangling session.  On days I am truly in a rush I can end my wash day here but I really prefer not to.  I go an extra step with yet another conditioner after I rinse the Pantene masque out with warm water.

3. Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System:  The very last step in my Wash Day affair is this little gem.  I am so surprised I love this product so much as it is the very first product from Shea Moisture that has worked well with my strands!  And yes, I have just about tried everything from the other lines.  Not only does it have a great amount of sleep for a Masque/Deep Conditioner but it saturates and strengthens each of every strand of hair.  Once applied, I leave this on my hair anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours! LOL.  It all depends on what I am doing for the rest of the day!  But after I rinse the product from my hair with cold water it feels so soft and moisturized.  I can feel a slight amount of oil left behind which doesn't bother me one bit.

So, that's it for my updated Wash Day regimen!  There's not much to it and honestly, I prefer to keep it that way.  With 3 kids and Husband and (usually) a Full Time job, I frankly just don't have time to spend too much time on it.  One item I wish to add in the future is possibly the Huetiful hair steamer.  Although, this would add another step, it would cut back on the amount of time I needed to leave my conditioner on for as well as providing better effectiveness of my conditioners.  So, it's something I am considering but for right now this unemployed momma will be sticking to what's here in this post!