20 Facts About Myself

Most of you know that I love Instagram and Social Media in general can be super fun but I do limit what I share with the world.  Everything is not meant for everyone and that is something I strongly believe, even with my personal relationships.  But, I saw this tag going around and thought it would be a fun way to share some information about myself without going overboard.  So lets get into it...

1.  I'm a Christian and love Jesus Christ
2.  I was raised in Bronx, NY
3.  I have been married previously.  Steven is husband #2!
4.  Each of my children have been born in a different state: Taylor in IL, Gregory in ME and Kennedy in VA
     (My 1st husband was in the military)
5.  My Zodiac Sign is Leo
6.  I have very little patience for adults.  All of my patience is reserved for children who don't know any    
7.  My top fear is being kidnapped (now that I have children this fear is extended to them as well)...
8.  My second fear is being ambushed in my home...
9.  I claim that Pink is not my favorite color but I have a lot of it.  In denial?
10.  I have been a part of the Natural Hair Community since March 2012 when I big chopped
11.  My career is in Hotel Sales
12.  I am super silly at home.  I get on my husband's nerves OFTEN.
13.  I am NOT a woman of the house.  Yes, I do clean and cook and take care of the kids but it's more out
       of necessity.
14.  My favorite holiday is Christmas
15.  I live in Loudoun County which is about 40 minutes from DC
16.  My memory is horrible... like SERIOUSLY.  But it makes me the best secret keeper.  LOL
17.  I was an NCA All American Cheerleader.  First from my High School actually.
       *dusts off shoulder*
18.  Bacon is my favorite food.  I can eat it for a meal, for a snack, as an appetizer or for no reason at all
19.  My favorite brand is Kate Spade.  I adore their details and girly take on everything they do.
20.  My favorite movie is Clueless.  Don't judge me.

Well, that was much harder than I expected!  But, still very fun and I hope you dolls enjoyed getting a small peek into my life.  Because I am nosey, I am tagging a few of my fellow bloggers or Instagrammers to share 20 facts about them!  So I tag Deanna from The Pretty's Girl Guide, Rochelle from @roc_angel_ and Amber from @amberjanielle.  XOXO