Handling Different Textures Within Your Family...

Managing more than one head in your household can be difficult and frustrating.  What can add to that frustration is having a multitude of different textures to deal with.  No worries, we are going to tackle that minor hurdle as well as discuss product options for the whole family in this post.

More Than One Hair Texture

This is actually very common among families.  In my own home, my two girls and myself all have different textures and hair types.  I learned how to care for each of our heads by paying close attention to how certain products affected our hair.  For instance, my youngest daughter Kennedy has the most course hair out of us all.  She has a texture most closely related to Type 4B hair which produces very tight coils and kinks.  I noticed early on that her hair doesn't hold moisture for very long so its necessary for me to add moisture into her hair more frequently than for myself or my other daughter Taylor.  I would say, every other day I need to add moisture and seal with an oil in order for her hair not to become dry feeling.  Speaking of Taylor, her hair type is more close to my own but still quite different.  Her curl pattern is slightly more loose and is most similar to a 3C Hair Type, although, she does have some 4A in there as well.  As far as caring for her hair, it's very similar to caring for my own hair.  I use the LOC (leave-in conditioner, Oil, Curl Cream) Method and usually only need to add moisture into our hair maybe once a week.

If your child has a different hair type from your own and you are lost in caring for their hair, I would suggest starting with the LOC Method.  Monitor how well their hair retains the moisture and also how their hair reacts to the products.  Adjust the products according to positive or negative results achieved.  Trial and error plays a huge part in caring for their hair as well!  Lastly, I recommend finding a Naturalista on Instagram or YouTube whose hair texture most closely resembles your child's hair type.  Find out what products are working for them and what their regimen is.  But wait, this doesn't mean go asking a million questions.  Many times this information can be found in looking through old posts, comments and videos... Just take a minute and READ.

Hair Products For The Entire Family

Never have I sought out hair products specifically made for children except for maybe No Tear Shampoo when they were infants.  Obviously, when they are infants and very small children using a ton of products is not really necessary... A little water and oil can go a long way.  But then they grow up and their hair gains more texture which requires a little more work.  At this point, there is no need to go out and purchase an entire line of products just for children.  Very seldom are these "age based" products any different from the products you use in your own hair and are commonly more expensive.  If product ingredients are your concern, that's one thing.  Even still, you can find regular products with safe ingredients for the minis.  Brands such as Shea Moisture, Camille Rose Naturals and Trader Joes all make hair products that you can use on both yourself and your children safely.  Don't be afraid to open your cabinets and use those same products that you use on yourself, on your own children.  The upside to doing this is the knowledge you have about certain brands can help alleviate the trial and error process with your child.  Why go through 3-4 different children's brands trying to figure out what works and what doesn't.  Start with the brands that you know and love!  Obviously, the biggest setback is the wash process as we don't want to blind the children with the shampoo that isn't 'tear-free' but this too is just another process that takes a little tweaking.  I stopped using tear-free shampoo on my 4 year old just this year.  She now understands that when mommy says "keep your eyes closed" then you better!! LOL

Taylor: 3C Hair Type

Although Taylor has thick hair, it isn't very course.  Her curl pattern does detangle easily with the right products and tools.  The biggest issue I have with her hair is the thickness and length.
I literally sweat during her wash day process and sometimes have to break it up between two days to save my hands!!

Kennedy: 4B Hair Type


As you can see, there is a significant difference between Taylor's and Kennedy's hair in regards to texture.  I use the EXACT same products on both of their heads.  The way in which I use them are a bit different but I try to stick to products that work for the ENTIRE family, not just one person.

My Hair: 4A Hair Type

I've talked a lot about my own hair texture and type both here on my blog and on Instagram.  My hair is amazing when moisturized well.  That said, the LOC Method is the key to success for maintaining lush curls.

The goal of this post was to hopefully give you more confidence in maintaining the different textures in your family.  I am not a professional or even considered a "guru" when it comes to this category but I am a mom of two young girls so these are tips I've learned along the way.  Not to worry if you're looking for more in depth knowledge about hair care, I will be doing my next post on the Top 10 Resources for information on Natural Hair.  XOXO