LottaBody Products Review: Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk and Wrap Me Foaming Mousse

Finally, I am able to review a line of products that are BUDGET FRIENDLY!  I saw this line floating around Instagram on different IG accounts and they had achieved some BOMB Wash and Go results so I knew it was a must for me to try.  Unfortunately, where I live there are NO beauty supply stores besides Sally's so it's super hard for me to find smaller brand products. Graciously, LottaBody sent the entire line for me to try and review for you guys.  So, thanks again LottaBody!  I didn't use all the products at once, obviously, so I will cover the products across multiple review posts as I use them.  This post will cover the Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk and Wrap Me Foaming Mousse.

Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk
This product has the consistency of a regular lotion type product.  It's nice and creamy, not too thick and not too thin.  I used the Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk as my leave-in for the Wash and Go.  I sectioned my hair off into six sections and applied the product using the raking technique making sure to apply enough from root to tip.  It took about 2 pumps of product to saturate and coat each section of my hair.  I did notice the product defining my curls slightly but more than anything it softened my hair and prepped it well for the rest of the LOC process.  Before I move forward I MUST share how AMAZING this product smells!!  The smell isn't too heavy but it's also not faint and does have sort of a tropical scent to it.

Wrap Me Foaming Mousse

This was my first experience  using a Foaming Mousse, or any Mousse for that matter lol, in my Wash and Go process!  So this here is history being made... right? LMAO.  I was entering new territory with this product but I decided to use it just as I would any other styling product.  When applying, I used the Smoothing Method and made sure to apply from root to tip.  I constantly talk about applying products from root to tip because this is my secret to decreasing frizz!  When the hair strands are properly coated from root to tip then the amount of frizz that forms as the style sets is decreased immensely.  Immediately I noticed an incredible shine that this product provided my curls as well as nice soft hold.  As for definition, the product did a great job but did not provide the amount of definition I need to maintain a long lasting wash and go.  This could be just for my hair type though as I've seen other girls on Instagram rave about getting days out of this product.


I was thoroughly impressed by the results of this product.  In fact, I was impressed by the actual products themselves.  The quality, packaging and price are ALL on point with this line.  The only downside for me was that I would not be able to get more than 2 days of results.  I would HIGHLY recommend these particular products for Naturals with TWAs!  Seeing as these products are roughly $5.00 and under at the stores they are sold, they is an incredible value!  For all my girls trying to find budget friendly staple products I would HIGHLY suggest starting here.  Although my Wash and Go came out really good, I am looking forward to using the other products in this line on a Flat Twist Out next!  Be on the lookout for the results and the full review on those products soon. XOXO