Finding Cold Weather Staples (on a budget)

The fall chill is here which means it's time to start pulling out our cold weather accessories.  I'll be honest, I started pulling mine out at the beginning of September.  LOL.  I don't know about you but I don't do major shopping every season.  I may pick up a few basic items but if I need larger staple items then I don't shop for them until the end of the season when they go on major sale.  The "need" to have these items immediately isn't usually a concern of mine because I have a nice wardrobe to hold me over.  I want to just share a couple of tips I've picked up on to help build a solid cold weather wardrobe on a budget.

Staples are going to be the most expensive items in your closet more than likely.  Even if you purchased them on major discount, they will still likely cost more and that's okay because these items should be able to last for years!  I start shopping for my staples during the season... this is what I consider window shopping.  Look for solid, well made items that are timeless.  Staples are not in style this year... those aren't staples.  Staple items will be items that will be in style this year, next year, even 5 years from now.  When you find those staple items during the season, they will likely be full price.  They may go on promo (40% off) but hold out unless the promo price is right up your alley.  Personally, when I find staple items even the promo price is not low enough for me to purchase.  The next step I do is take a picture and write the item number down.  This will save you a lot of time when you come back in a few months to find the item(s) on sale/clearance.  Many times, you can even call the store ahead of time with the item number and have them tell you the current price to save you a million trips back to the store.  Decide what's the highest price you will pay and try to stick to that.  This step requires you to be reasonable and to take into consideration the popularity of the item you are interested in.  Lastly, attempt to make your purchase during a time where it's on sale AND there is an additional promotion happening (such as 30% off clearance items).  This is where you are going to get the most bang for your buck.

Ann Taylor is a great place to find some great items on a great deal.  The items pictured were all purchased from Ann Taylor at a fraction of what they originally cost.  Fur, Leather Boots, a Classic Tote, Booties and heavy fabric Dresses are all staples for me.  I have a few other items that I consider staples but I will list them in another post.  The faux fur vest was originally over $200 and is the only item that I did not purchase on clearance.  Ann Taylor had a random offer of 75% off the original price for one day only  and I immediately scooped it up on that day.  This is what I was referring to when I said sometimes the promo price is right up your alley! LOL.

Take your time building the staples in your closet.  You may have a bad season or two while you patiently wait for certain items but it will all be worth it.  I can't think of one item that I feel I actually "need" this winter because my wardrobe is pretty solid right now.  It may have taken me a minute to build it up but that's the thing about staples... Once you have them, they should last a very long time.  Stay tuned for a future post on other stores to catch a great deal on solid wardrobe pieces.  XOXO