FEATURE FRIDAY: Algenist Purifying and Replenishing Cleanser

In trying to maintain a schedule for my blog, I have decided to implement 'Feature Fridays' which I thought you Shopaholics would love.  The feature can be Beauty Products, Fashion Finds or even Products sent for reviews/consideration by companies.  I hope you guys enjoy the new changes coming to the blog because I'm really having a good time providing more content for you guys.


Not too long ago, I expressed a need for a new morning cleanser for my skincare routine.  I've been using Skinceuticals LHA Cleanser for the majority of the year and it has been amazing.  The reason that I've been looking for a secondary cleanser is because the Skinceuticals product is fairly strong and very effective.  Now that my hyperpigmentation and acne has diminished quite a bit and is no longer a problem for me, it was important for me to not over do it on my skin and end up ruining a good thing.  A friend of mine highly recommended the Algenist Purifying and Replenishing Cleanser and I literally was in Sephora checking it out the very same day.  At first, I almost did not purchase the cleanser after reading that one of the main ingredients is 'Microalgae Oil'.  For my oily skin girls, you know how much we try to stay away from ANYTHING that even hints at containing oil, LOL.  But, I went online and read the reviews which were all amazing plus the price point wasn't too bad.

The packaging of the product is perfect.  I believe all cleansers should come in pump form but for some reason many skincare companies disagree.  Luckily, this Algenist cleanser comes in the perfect simple packaging I desire with a pump.  The texture isn't too thick or thin in consistency and allows for great coverage when applying to your skin.  There is a slight lather, very little if you can even consider it to be a lather at all.  It's gentle enough to use around the eye area yet quite effective in removing all of my make-up.  And, boy when you pair it with the Clarisonic it's like a spa facial has just happened!  I could be exaggerating just a tiny bit but it really is THAT good.  Last but not least, the price point is not bad for a Cleanser of this caliber at just, $26 here.
So, if you are in the market to try out a new cleanser or you're just a product junkie who has about 10+ different cleansers in their cabinets, this one definitely deserves a chance.  I can't tell you how happy I have been with this product but now I feel a little empty because there's nothing else I really "need".  Something about being on the search for a product is just so exciting right? LMAO.  Anywho, I hope you continue to come back every Friday to see what I'm Featuring here in MyCandiShoppe.  XOXO