Mommy Monday


As you know, I've been home with my children since June of this year.  It wasn't a planned transitioned but rather the aftermath of a family decision that caused me to resign from my corporate job.  Surprisingly, there have been only a couple of times where I have regretted that decision and it has only been most recently.  A few of you have asked me on Instagram how I'm enjoying being a Stay at Home Mom so I thought I would just give you guys an update here on the le bloggy.


Being at home with my family instead working outside of the home has been a great experience so far.  I feel so much more connected to them now that I'm spending a majority of my day physically doing things for them.  I know it sounds silly but I actually enjoy straightening up their rooms, making their lunches, and doing their laundry.  Being that I don't have to work a 9-5 and then come home and do these things at the end of the day, I don't mind doing them as much as I use to.  I had almost no energy for housework nor did I care to do it after a long day at work before.  My husband will be the first to tell you that I have done a complete 360 in the aspect of taking care of the home.  We also ordered out quite a bit before and cooked only a few times a week before, whereas now I cook a meal almost every night (or the Mister does).  Obviously this is the much healthier option and it's been nice experimenting with different recipes that the kids actually like.  Not to mention, we are saving a ton of money not ordering out so often.  I am way more involved in the kids schoolwork and making sure their assignments are completed well, studying is done for tests, etc.  Not to say we didn't care before but it was more of a "race" to bedtime when I was working full time.  I got home at 6, had to make dinner, get them in showers and go over homework all before 9!  This is a very common routine across so many families but I have to say that having more than 3 hours a day to spend with my children is such a blessing.


My family has always been accustomed to having two parents working full time so they pretty much were self sufficient.  But, since I have been home it has now become my "job" to do those things for everyone.  Everyone, including the husband, now depends on me for almost everything and at times it can be annoying.  I find myself snapping after I've done the sink full of dishes only to see that someone dumped more dishes in the sink just 2 minutes later.  Hello!  It only takes a minute to wash your plate... I'm not your maid!  The Mister and I have gotten into it a couple of times when he's asked me when the laundry is going to be done or why the house is a mess.  It's as if no one can do anything for themselves anymore now that I'm home.  So, this can definitely become frustrating if it's not addressed properly... And, by properly I don't mean screaming like a maniac in the moment.  LOL.  Essentially, all I want is to not be taken for granted.  Just because I enjoy doing these things for you doesn't mean I want to be taken advantage of.  Help a Mom out from time to time!

At this point I would prefer to stay home for another year or two if I can.  We are struggling financially to make ends meet sometimes so I don't know if this will be possible.  I have applied and interviewed for only one job that I felt would suit my experience and career path, only for the company to change and reduce the title of the position.  So, finding a job outside of the home is still on the horizon if something opens up that's a good fit.  For now, the best fit for me is being at home with my family until God directs me down another path.

How many of you are Stay at Home Moms?  Did you struggle with these same issues or do you still struggle with them?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!  XOXO