October Faves

Another month has passed which means another month of favorites, right?  Well if I posted monthly favorites then that would be the case but we all know that I don't!  It seems like the easiest thing to do at the end of each month but honestly I don't have "new" products that become favorites every single month.  In addition, with me not working I have really been cutting back on  purchasing anything that isn't truly necessary.  So, these faves are more like my third quarter favorites as they are products that I've been using for a few months now.  Hope you enjoy and if you want me to post more of these types of posts, please comment below and let me know!

Multicultural Curls:  One of Miss Jessie's newest products and quickly became one of my latest go to products.  As expected, it works extremely well with the Leave-In Condish that I use from them.  It's an amazing Styling product that just makes your curls POP POP POP and the shine, OMG.  Now this will not allow you to maintain a week long Wash and Go as it does not have much, if any, hold at all.  But if you are looking for a good 2-3 days to have a damn good Wash and Go, give this a try.  Also, if you have curls that need a little "help"... you know, feeling a little limp... This here will do the trick!

CoverFX BB Gel:  I've been using this baby since May of this year.  Recently, I went to go switch to another foundation because I ran out of this and immediately ran back.  This foundation has been helping to keep my skin clear and that just isn't something I was ready to let go.  The formulation is made so that it adjusts to match your skin tone as best as possible, given you have the right shade.  If you are in the market for a foundation that enhances your skin, helps to control oil, medium coverage and feels lightweight on then you need to go test this one out at your local Sephora ASAP.  I HIGHLY recommending testing it out in store because of the way the foundation adjusts once applied.

NARS Blush (Desire):  If you follow me on Instagram and have wondered what blush I've been wearing lately, 9 times out of 10 it's been this NARS blush in Desire.  I came across this blush by chance and wasn't really looking for anything in particular but it has quickly become my go to.  Now, usually Mata Hari is my go to and so you  might be wondering how this pink is different from that one.  Desire is more of true pink whereas Mata Hari is mauve pink. It's a great shade to use when you're going for a clean look and need just a nice pop of color on your cheeks.

NARS Mie Brush:  It only makes sense to discuss the NARS Mie brush while we on the subject of blush/cheeks.  OMG, I never thought I could be so in love with a brush... I don't even think it's normal how obsessed I am with it.  It applies my blush so perfectly every single time!  I've heard that you can use it for application of other products such as powders but I just haven't tried it yet.  If you have the Yachiyo brush from NARS, you probably think that it can't get any better than that... I beg to differ.  One thing I didn't like about the Yachiyo brush was how stiff the bristles are and that issue has been solved with this Mie Brush.  The bristles are so much softer than the Yachiyo brush which I think is what allows it to give such perfect application.  The brush is also tapered so you essentially could use it for contouring as well.  I feel like the only thing this brush does not do is pay the rent!  LOL

Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker:  Since I have already spoke in depth about this product, I won't bore your little ears off again.  But, just know that if you are a Wash and Go girl and don't have this product yet, you are doing yourself and injustice for sure!  Remember, I said that Multicultural Curls is not meant for long term Wash and Go styling, well this product is!  In fact, I top my Multicultural Curls with the Curl Maker if need to push my curls a little longer.  It works quite well with a multitude of different products that I've tried.

Curly Kids Frizz Control Paste:  I truly need to do an entire blog post on this product as well as the entire line once I get my fingers on it.  So for now I will just RAVE about this one product in particular.  I received this in the CurlBox Kids box that I ordered for my girls back in August.  We have so many products that many times they just don't get used right away.  Well I couldn't find the gel that I normally use for the girls' edges so I grabbed this product instead and I have looked back.  I don't use anything else on their edges at all anymore.  It's a cream that slicks and holds JUST like a gel but there is absolutely no stiffness or stickiness.  I haven't used it on myself yet because I don't do styles that require me to slick my hair back but I imagine that it would work just as well on adults as well.  This baby was a very pleasant surprise and is now Holy Grail status for my girls.

Well that's it for my current favorites.  Sorry, if it was a bit lengthy as I like to really explain why I recommend a product as opposed to just telling you 'GO BUY IT NOW'! LOL.  If you have any questions about these products, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.  Do you use any of these products already?  How do you like them?  Please share.  XOXO